Bryston Loudspeakers

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Re: Bryston Loudspeakers
« Reply #2720 on: 18 Oct 2019, 06:54 pm »
Very nice looking.


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Re: Bryston Loudspeakers
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from my own experience a few years need lots of power. My original Mini A's worked well with my Parasound amp at 125 per channel but the bigger mini T's were lacking. When I moved up to a bigger Parasound A21, at 250 per the Mini T's really came to life. I also found I preferred the Mini T's on a lower stand...18 inches..and lightly tilted upward. You can see in the above photos my room which has limited space required some tweaking. The sound itself is bigger, bolder and more refined. They are really heavy unlike the Mini A's which are pretty light. If you have the space and the power they are quite incredible sounding. Lot's of detail, not harsh but not warm. Very lifelike sound whether using cd's or or Vinyl. I am not a streamer so I won't be able to answer that  question. I do prefer the rear ports plugged with both the Mini A and the T's. Port plugs can be found on Axiom speakers website. I just ordered a pair and they arrived in 2 days, free shipping to NY. from Canada. They fit the Bryston speakers perfect and come in pairs for 28 bucks.

Hope this helps.

PS: The A's are breaking in nicely and the port plugs bring out the best in the speakers.


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Re: Bryston Loudspeakers
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Thanks gene9p for your insight !