Bryston Loudspeakers

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Re: Bryston Loudspeakers
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MEMO: To All Bryston Customers
SUBJECT: Bryston Model T Speakers – Customer Feedback

January 2021


Hi James

I’m a former Cruise Ship audio and lighting/video engineer. I also helped build Casino Rama entertainment. The live entertainment stuff.  Kingbridge Centre as well – so I know live sound. 

Love'n the Bryston system.

I purchased them in late February 2019. They've been breaking in ever since. I leave the TV on the Bryston system while I'm out so they've had a nice breaking in period. Listen. I've put just about any kind of music and genre's threw these giant killers.

They are giant sounding! Enormous sound stage. And so linier. Simply effortless reproduction of any source I've feed them. I'm very impressed.

I previously had the Bryston  A1's. A great, great speaker system in and of themselves. I expected a marginal difference. In my environment I've noticed a substantial vibrant 3D warm embracing sound.

I absolutely love the Bryston system. BP-6, 4Bsst2, Model T's.

I'm purchasing a 14B3 asap and this will make the drivers work a bit more. Lol....