Crossover assembly 101

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Re: Crossover assembly 101
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Very good information. Lots to absorb for a beginner, but learning about crossovers is the main reason I came here. Thank you!


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Re: Crossover assembly 101
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Question about the silicone/hot glue. When I built my crossovers, I secured all the components with zip ties, but did not use any other adhesion method. I can see how using silicone or hot glue could reduce any vibration of the components. Is this the reason to add the extra adhesive, or is it just to keep things from shifting when the speakers are moved around or from sound vibrations?



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Re: Crossover assembly 101
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If you do use silicone adhesive, use the electrical grade. 

The standard version silicone adhesive uses acetic acid and corrosive to some materials and metal.

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Re: Crossover assembly 101
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Do driver magnets affect crossover components... Should any components be positioned further away?

Edit: I think I found the answer.  Now that I have 3 posts I can search for myself!  :thumb:

Quote from: Arctos
Here is a quick question for you techies!!  When building crossovers for my latest DIY speakers, do I need to be concerned with the stray magnetic field of the inductors interacting with either resistors or capacitors?  I know that inductors will interact with each other depending on proximity and alignment, but don't know if I need to worry about other components.



 The very anal lose a lot of sleep over this, I don't. I wouldn't attach a cap or resistor directly on top of a coil but very long runs of wire between parts is also not a recipe for success. I would also rewire the speaker internally. See the link in my other post.
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