Super 7 Flat Packs.....

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Re: Super 7 Flat Packs.....
« Reply #240 on: 12 May 2019, 03:12 am »
Thanks   guys.
The  7's  are up and   running  now,  getting them  dialed in and they are  soudning  great.  Soundstage is impressive... I thought  they  might  give  some up  to  the Otica's here but so far, we're  all good.     Just  doing  some  sub  and placement   tweakeing  .
Today  has been the   best  soudning  day..  hurs, tweaks,  position... I don't  know    but  they  are  sounding ood  and   I'm  continuing to   make  adjustments

Pics  soon



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Re: Super 7 Flat Packs.....
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Jay, any updates as far as how they are sounding? Really interested to hear your take on them compared to the NX-oticas.