SP-2 Upgrade Options and Availability?

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SP-2 Upgrade Options and Availability?
« Reply #160 on: 22 Mar 2006, 01:45 am »
Quote from: Kevin Brown
Quote from: Kevin Brown
Some questions though:

1) I don't see any mention of DPL IIx? How does the SP-2 handle a 5.1 source (DTS, DD) if I want to use 7.1 channels?

2) Is there any way on the display to see what the source resolution is? 16/44.1, 20/48, 24/96, bit rate of DD and DTS DVDs, etc.

3) Any comments on "lock on delay" for CDs? (I've had 2 prior pre/pros that had problems with this. You put a new CD in the player, and the pre/pro cuts off the 1st part of the song until it locks on to the signal.)

6) Does it have dual differential DACs?

HI Kevin,

1. DLP11X is included - any 2 channel or 5.1 channel source can be processed to 6.1 or 7.1
2. Yes the display tells you want resolution is coming in.
3.No problem with CD's.
6. Not sure I understand this one?



Kevin Brown

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SP-2 Upgrade Options and Availability?
« Reply #161 on: 29 Mar 2006, 12:33 am »
James- Thanks.

Dual differential DACs is 2 DAC channels used for 1 channel output with their outputs mirror imaged but out of phase to reduce noise.  (Goes along with balanced outputs, but can be used with RCA outs.)  I know Lexicon uses them in the MC-12 and I think Theta does also.  Theoretically, lower noise than just using a single DAC channel.