NX-Otica / No Subs - With some low end ds0p

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NX-Otica / No Subs - With some low end ds0p
« on: 27 Jun 2018, 09:34 pm »
Thought this may interest  some of you guys.

We picked up a pocket CLIO  a while back so I've been playing  :)

I used the M165X -08 woofers in my Oticas  ( I had them on hand already ....  so wtf)  I felt they could  handle  a some boost  down  low.  I pulled the subs out of my room, pulled  the Oticas  a bit further apart and started tinkering.

This is  in room (18'x 12').  Running  Roon ROCK on a stand alone server. that  upsamples  everything to DSD 256 and is also being used for a  64bit  volume control ( kind of clunky but it works).  Running  direct from my Mivera Audio MKI DAC   directly into  my  prototype Mivera Audio PurePower amp, no pre in the loop.

 I knocked off  a  bump  at 200hz  and applyed some  boost at 40 hz and below.  The  M165X's  don't seem  to have  any issue with the extra boost  down low.

Sounding  preety  darn   good  even without the subs   :thumb:

and just for you  Ananad  :wink:  :thumb:

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Re: NX-Otica / No Subs - With some low end ds0p
« Reply #1 on: 28 Jun 2018, 12:28 am »

I'm glad you changed the smoothing from 1/3 octave to 1/6th octave on the horizontal axis, but how about shrinking the vertical axis to a 50dB window  :wink: ?

Regardless, it still looks pretty flat  :thumb: