New Phono stage: PH 9.0 MM/MC with on-the-fly loading!

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Re: New Phono stage: PH 9.0 MM/MC with on-the-fly loading!
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More PH 9.0 Feedback as Production Run #2 units ship!

Reviews are also in the works. We are getting ready to order chassis for production run #3!

...after having the PH 9.0 in this system for four days I have been so amazed by the soundstage improvements while listening to vinyl that I haven’t made time to open the Oppo Mod boxes yet. It’s like every track I listen to is now telling its story with a new voice.

My impressions of my new experience with some of the vinyl I have owned for many years:
* “The Genius Sings the Blues” presented an audibly better “feel” of the size of the recording venue for all of the tracks.
* Bob James and Earl Klugh’s “One on One” on Columbia’s 1981 half-speed master sprang forward with new breadth/depth in the performances and intricate detail from the original attempt at a “FourPlay” like ensemble. The feel of the venue was projected with a new sense of realness, the sound stage was so large and the spatial cues were captivating.
* Al Jarreau “Look into the Rainbow” - “Better than Anything” was so much better (the feel of the concert hall, sounds from the audience, size of the stage and placement of the musicians accompanying Al’s masterful instrument felt so real) and hearing the improvements while listening to “We Got By” took me back to the last opportunity I’ll ever hear him live in concert…

After just a few days with the PH9.0 I'm still experiencing more of everything I love about vinyl (lifelike warmth, midrange presence, layers & soundstage depth, etc.) But, now I hear the type of inner detail, resolution & time correct midbass foundation that always draws me to hi-res digital file listening. Every album vinyl track has been more enjoyable than the previous one as this device continues to settle into my system.

I'm so glad I had the chance to meet you and hear the PH9.0 at RMAF. I would never have been able to imagine the possibility of this level of improvement at this price point. All of this enjoyment and room in the budget for more vinyl…

- M. Holland, 12.3.18


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Re: New Phono stage: PH 9.0 MM/MC with on-the-fly loading!
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Congratulations on a very positive review for the PH 9.0, by Steve Guttenberg!



Re: New Phono stage: PH 9.0 MM/MC with on-the-fly loading!
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Thanks! Here is a youtube review by Steve Guttenberg, 'The Audiophilia', that just came out today!


Re: New Phono stage: PH 9.0 MM/MC with on-the-fly loading!
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New Review by Greg Weaver, writing for Positive Feedback Online:

Excerpts from Greg's review (evaluted in Greg's > $300K Reference System)!

Finally, I want to single out its remarkably realistic tonal balance, octave to octave. Tonality and texture are rendered with remarkable accuracy, substance, and faithfulness across the entire audio spectrum, giving the PH 9.0 one of the most authentic voices I've heard under about $6000. This attribute, along with its astonishing degree of quietness, bass and general pitch definition, and its startling dynamic prowess, make this one of, if not the, most attractive phono stages available in today's market, maybe for as much as twice its asking price.

 I am not exaggerating when I say that this latest phono stage from ModWright may just be, pound-for-pound, the most significant achievement in performance per dollar that ModWright has yet achieved.

It is one of the most accomplished and over-achieving performers available in its class, PERIOD!
- G. Weaver, Positive Feedback Online

I want to thank Greg for such a great review! The PH 9.0 is a phono stage that we at MWI are all quite proud of! My intent to realize as close as possible, the performance of the $7900 PH 150 in the $2900 PH 9.0, was realized!