OB H-Frame / A370PEQ / HX800 amp Box Flat Packs / Finished Cabs

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Re: OB H-Frame / A370PEQ / HX800 amp Box Flat Packs / Finished Cabs
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What size clamps? How many?  And what brand of glue?

Ok,  for a minimum glue up  4 18" clamps for duals and   6 if   they are  the triples  but remember,  that is bare minimum...     more is always nice as you can add them to  other  places.....    The dowels in the base  / top / side panels take  care of the   alignment,  so  really, you  only  NEED to clamp across the braces to  squeeze the  cabinet together and  from front  brace to rear brace to  keep them   up against the baffle.   

In Peter's video, you'll see I recommended   assembling them  upside down and not to glued the top on  during the first step, it is actually  done last....   instead,  you  want to glue the  baffle, side panels, and braces  using the top as a  jig. Then   the base  to the   exposed   end facing up using the  4 dowels  for alignment.  The base has  4  counter sunk  screws so no  clamps required here.

Once the glue sets  up, unclamp and flip the cabinet over (right side up).  Now  knock the unglued top off   and  glue it  down  using the   4 clamps  (they'll clamp  from the top to the  braces) ...  I'd use a  small piece ctive piece of scrap between the clamps  and face of  cabinet top.

Titebond glue will be fine,  or,    get the Titebond Extends  if you  want a bit of extra  open (work) time