Pictures of TOTAL LOW WATT SYSTEMS (pictures and brief sentence-no more)

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So many good LQQking stereos. I can listen to my one watt all day and night! 😊
Empty spot up top is for a soon to be DAC


The horns are wood or other material?

The Oris are fiberglass I believe.  The only wood horns of that size I have ever seen are the Sierra Brooks horns made in Southeast Asia. 


Oris-150 horns w/ new Voxativ AC-2.6 drivers + custom base enclosures with bd-15 drivers.  Horns running full range off the Coiencident Frankenstein-II 300B monoblocks and the base enclosures are powered by a Crown K2 and using miniDSP for the low pass filter.  Front end is all PS Audio at present but also use Sonic Frontiers from time to time.  PSA-BHK-Signature Pre, PSA-Direct Stream DAC w/ Bridge-II, PSA-Memory Player.



    Man! That's a nice first post there. Welcome to AC. Love those Oris horns. I actually thought about getting them back then, but they were a bit out of my budget, more complicated than I would want and more importantly I didn't have enough space for them in my NYC's apartment :icon_lol:

   Anyway, some great looking low power systems here :thumb:



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Yep...  funny, I have been toting around the BD-15 woofers for about 12 years from house to house.  Earlier this year I contacted Bert and he actually had a pair of 150 horns ready to go but tried to get me to go 200 or even better the Orphian dual horn driver.  But it was the Oris-150 back in the day that got me interested in horn speakers - got very close to buying the Moondog (based on the Oris 150) from Welborn at a THE show in Vegas long ago.  I really dont have the space for them either but here they are and frankly sound quite good using the new Voxativ AC-2.6 8" full range driver.

Moondog below: