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Re: Torus - Feedback/Reviews
« Reply #200 on: 20 Jun 2010, 06:36 pm »
I picked up a CS15 AVR yesterday [having ordered it at the beginning of June].  I needed the AVR capability as my local power grid is a little on the "vintage" side and during the summer the voltage supply can fluctuate between 95V-115V.  The fluctuation caused my B100 to shut itself down continually and I didn't feel like packing it up for the summer.  I left the Torus on yesterday, logged the in/out supply on a five minute basis and noticed that the input ranged from 102V to 115V with output ranging from 117V to 123V.  The B100 didn't shutdown nor did the 4BSST2 and the sound was excellent.   A great purchase, exactly what was promised.


Re: Torus - Feedback/Reviews
« Reply #201 on: 21 Jun 2010, 07:19 pm »
Congrats,Their definately one of my favorite components.If I had to downsize(NOT),the Torus(s)would stay.
They are just too good or should I say dramatic.


Re: Torus - Feedback/Reviews
« Reply #202 on: 23 Jun 2010, 05:22 am »
In 2008 I bought a Pioneer 50'' plasma TV. It performed well for the 1st year and then off and on would display a 1/2'' distortion on the left side of the screen. It was not too bothersome but you could see it, especially if a football game was on. The horizontal lines would bend at this 1/2'' distortion point. In late 2009 I purchased a Torus RM 20. I plugged everything Bryston into it, as well as the TV. The distortion line went away and has never come back. For me this was visual ''proof'' that the Torus really does something. The Bryston stuff is on 24/7 as I feel anything plugged into the Torus is well protected. A great investment!