Headphone soundstage?

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Re: Headphone soundstage?
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Nothing that hasn’t been sorta shared before but just in my own way of thinking about it:

Even only moderately good headphones offer an unparalleled way to get as intimate as possible with the full measure of raw detail that is in the recording.

A good 2 channel speaker setup offers an unparalleled way to go into the image/soundstage/soundspace and at an “adequate volume” (smile) the physicality of the music in the recording.

If possible, I wouldn’t choose to live without both setups being available for their special charms.

Cheers, John


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Re: Headphone soundstage?
« Reply #121 on: 1 Oct 2018, 12:46 am »
In the current headphones develop stage only HD800 have a decent soundstage size but are expensive and show a harsh rough sound with cheap amps and anemic bass, so today we need a good sound tube amp that anlarge soundstage, the only one I know is the iFi ican-pro with 30/60/90 degs.


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Re: Headphone soundstage?
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