For something completely beautiful, old old baby

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As a proud doggy daddy,  I just had to post this.....

My baby and one love of my life  just turned 19,  and man,  she still kicks ass !!!!!

Happy birthday Precious !!!!!!!!!!!


Nice a surfer too  :green:


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She is cute


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Happy birthday little one!!  Looks very spry for the age.


Love Precious.

Kenneth Patchen

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Congrats Klaus, it’s easy to see that she’s one happy, well- loved and well-cared for ... and lucky pup. It’s truly amazing how they can so easily transform our lives, as she has so obviously transformed yours.

Take care,


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Awesome. I'm a doggy daddy too.  :thumb:


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Being a doggy daddy is a happy happy thing.  That's one spry looking 126yo (in human terms).


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She is such a sweetheart, very active and very well mannered. She is definitely "daddy's little girl!"

S Clark

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That's a pretty pup, and very alert for her years.  My old Jack Russell, Rufus, is now closing in on 21.  He's blind as a bat, and is pretty darned deaf.  But his mornings are good, likes his meals, still doesn't like the cat. 
This picture is from several years ago.


21...??,  that's awesome.  Keep doggy baby pics coming'll not find any more dog crazy people here on AC,  trust me....

I.Greyhound Fan

Beautiful dogs!  3 years ago I had to put down my 19 year old Italian Greyhound.  We still miss and talk about her.   Now I am dealing  with an 11.5 year old Giant Schnauzer.   They typically live 10-11 years but he is still going strong and plays fetch, jumping 4 feet in the air for 30 minutes every afternoon.  However we take it day to day with him.


This is Kimchi in December 2017. She is now 9 years young... Klaus & Ira met her in 2016.



Here’s our beloved 110 pound Chow/Akita mix named Jeanxi (a combination of my mom and mother in laws name. Neither was happy with the choice).  She was a pound rescue with no history and a few ailments that were mended.

She was my wife and my first ‘child’.  She was protective (both humans and chickens) and loving and always eager to gently take your arm in her mouth and walk you around.  She shared 10 years of her life with us. We miss her and think about her often.  Rest In Peace Jeanxi.


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Gaucho apparel.


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19 is amazing. You are very lucky to have a companion that long.



Jeanxi, least you have had spoiled and loved part of your life...

And the Gaucho puppy,'s amazing how many of us go overboard,  isn't it..then again,  they all are worth it 100 x over and then some......if humans would only be that trusting and loving...


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    • Never go to a psychiatrist, adopt a straycat or dog. On the street they live only two years average.
In the 90's the best hi-fi shop in my city, know defunct, where all audiophilos bought had a very kind, spirited and frank owner with all customers already known who said about his Chichuas mini dogs: they is that really love me, in detriment of his genius wife.

Now our city have no even 1 hi-fi shop, why unfortunately he passed away too early.


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...This is our Sophie. She just turned 9 years old - she will be greeting and providing candy tomorrow to whatever kids “dare” to get closer! Some kids already know her and are lucky. Actually she is very nice  :lol: :lol:

BTW, Klaus’s pop really...really kick ass!!


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Fine looking pup you got there. Smaller dogs live longer, that’s a fact. She does not look her age!