For something completely beautiful, old old baby

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Hey Klaus-

Sorry to hear of your loss. Dogs are better than most humans and it sounds like you had a great one.



Thank you everybody...thanks so much.

Yes,  I knew it was coming but still hit us like a ton of bricks....and yes,  she's been absurdly spoiled since I rescued her from an abusive neighbor as a puppy....all of us who lost our pet loves know what this means,  losing part of our heart.  Powder already has enough of the overkill of affection he receives now,  hehehee. post was meant as a celebration of life in the first place,  and I'd love for you guys to keep this thread alive...keep posting pics and stories...and yup, Tony,  you are absolutely right....

Again,  thanks for your posts, emails and phone means a lot.


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I know first hand how much Prec meant for them as I interacted very close. For some reason he liked to bark at me every time! I think it was his way to give me love... Wendy and I are very sorry for your loss!! I have no doubt that something else is in the horizon... We are also somehow preparing as our Sophie will turn 11 soon and she is a big 91 pounder.

Hang in there partner...



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Sorry to hear of your loss. Here is my constant companion Champ...

(The black eye is a hint from where his name comes from...)

Russell Dawkins

What an expressive face Champ has. It must be hard not to spoil him.


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What an expressive face Champ has. It must be hard not to spoil him.
Well, only when he's not stealing hamburgers from wifey...  :lol:


Sweeeeeet...I love black and white dogs...see Powder,  and Champ is cool....

BTW,  there seems to be one fortunate side effect of the Corona stay at home situation:    our neighbors black Lab also passed away 2 months ago,  and they're trying to get a new baby from either a Lab rescue or a shelter,  and this is completely impossible right now...people are adopting puppies and adult dogs like crazy right now.....wonderful.


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Coincidentally, my neighbor’s lab mix is extremely ill and may not be with us soon... so sad, Haley always looked forward to coming over for a cheese treat.

On a more upbeat note I have another pic of Champ when he was a puppy (my favorite pic.) I actually got Champ for my wife for her birthday 5 years ago.

I tried to call you yesterday, but your phonemail was full! I did leave an email.

Will try calling you again.

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Big Hendy

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Klaus, I didn’t know you were partial to black and white dogs.  Here’s our young baby Luna and her old man brother Bandit.


Love seeing all these great companions....we had our guts & heart ripped out & fed to us a week before Christmas & we haven't been the same since.  never been without a dog for the last 35 yrs for more than 2 weeks. 

Lookin forward to the next rescue hound what else ya gonna do?




Romulus and Remus. One year old


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My 85 pound blur of fur. He passed at 13 a few years back. I miss him every day.


Yup...keep the memories for John's (Loki) babies....I have more pics of the 2,  and man oh man,  did they bond to each other.....and yes,  missing Prec terribly....

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