For something completely beautiful, old old baby

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Rough..very rough...

of course afraid of Coyotes...we live in the city,  but in the beautiful outskirt of Indy with 3 farms and a lake in our yes, Coyotes are there, for sure....but what I'm most afraid of are Hawks...they are frickin everywhere and keep in mind that Prec is only 8 lbs....we can't leave her out of our site for more than maybe 10 feet..over the years we had several instances where some of them actually circled down even though we were nearby....and then there are the eagles.....%@#%$(^&#$%)*&^%)*&%  and Powder is anything but a fighter,  doubt it that he will protect,  he's just sooo  sweet.

Anybody with a small baby should always be on their side....