GAS Flea Market thread

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Scott F.

Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #460 on: 16 Jun 2018, 11:50 pm »
Hey James,
I'll take the Micro Seiki. I'm a sucker for turntables :duh:
PM sent

Vapor Audio

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Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #461 on: 21 Jun 2018, 10:53 pm »
Hey guys, I could stand to sell some gear.  It's been a rough last 2 years, right now I'm stuff rich and cash poor … all of this is being offered just to help cover my bills for life.  Since my situation is getting close to necessity, I'm offering everything near the bottom end of what I think going prices should be.  I'll try and get back here to check PM's, but best bet is to email me at if you see something you want.  Any purchases would be much appreciated! 

Technics SP-15 table in a nice MDF plinth with Syntec S-220 arm, Orsonic headshell, and the pictured AudioTechnica isolation feet included.  Lots of manuals and paperwork included as well.  All controls (speed and pitch) work as they should, table spins free and quiet.  I've never put a cart on it, but should be a good sounding table for the money.  $400

Rega Planar 3 with Grace 909 arm and a Supex MC900 cartridge - this was a project table that I haven't finished.  New ceramic bearing, new belt, plastic hollow spindle platter filled with epoxy to dampen, and Grace arm rewired all the way through (no connectors) with Cardas headshell wire.  New 1877 Audio headshell connectors included too, as is the Herbies platter mat (that's apparently very tasty to kitties lol).  Needs the wires terminated on both ends, and the cart needs to be refurbed since it has unknown hours on it.  But once done, this setup has IMO possibility of punching way above it's price.  $300

Arte Forma P25.2 amp - This was a $2000 amp in 2008 or so when I got it, rated at 250wpc.  Had quite a bit of hum, and Arte Forma support was non-existent, so I took it to Mike Missel and he worked his magic.  Hum was decresed significantly, but is still noticable in a quiet room or with sensitive speakers.  But it's still a nice warm and full sounding amp with tons of power.  Another great deal for a second setup or if you have dome tweeters that don't show the hiss like my RAAL ribbons do $300

Electrocompaniet AW220 amps - I didn't take these off my shelf for the picture, they're both in excellent condition.  They run stereo at 80wpc, or push of a bottom can be used as monoblocks at 220 watts.  These were also taken to Mike Missel for a checkup, and to make sure both were biased identically for monoblock use.  Originally these were $2500 each in the early 2000's.  Electrocompaniet amps have a lightning fast, very resolving sound.  As monoblocks they can rival amps many times what I'm asking, the power as monos gives them fantastic bottom end as well.  $1500 for the pair, or $800 each.  Would prefer to sell as a pair. 

Vapor Audio Breeze - have a good contion demo set with stands.  They're in maple finish, satin black front baffles.  Stands have bamboo front/back accents.  There is one or two small dents on the rear of one speaker, nothing noticable without looking for it.  If you have a monitor with 5-6" woofers currently, whatever they are these are gonna be better.  RAAL tweeter and Wavecor woofer in time aligned Birch Ply baffle, a design that just came together perfectly resulting in a 4 part crossover.  These new would be $2295, sell locally for $1400 SOLD

And really that's just the tip of the iceberg of what I have I could sell.  I have piles of quality cables from Antipodes, VH Audio, BPT, etc.  I have more electronics, speakers, you name it.  Have a Placette Passive pre, Clayton Audio S100 amp, a few pair of Vapor Audio speakers.  And right now I won't turn down any offer that's even close to reasonable.
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Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #462 on: 21 Jun 2018, 11:37 pm »
Thought I had a buyer for these, he just said he can't right now.

Built and designed by me, solid 2-way monitor.  Rear has ambient tweeter with level control and a toggle that can switch phase of rear tweeter.  These lean on the warm, forgiving side with excellent bass for a .75cu/ft monitor.  Will loan these out for a listen to anyone interested, there's more than my asking price of parts inside these as the drivers are quality and they're loaded with Auricaps.  $400 SOLD

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Wind Chaser

Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #463 on: 22 Jun 2018, 12:23 am »
Hey Ryan,

I hope all is well and moving in the right direction.

Years ago you made a pair RAW OB2X, are those on the chopping block?  I'm up in Canada so I guess I wouldn't qualify if they are, but I did have Al's rough prototypes and I thought they were pretty darn fabulous.


Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #464 on: 25 Jun 2018, 01:02 am »
2 meter Cardas Golden Cross power cord. This is a special label of their golden cross cable that Cardas made custom for Classe Audio. These cords were sold along with Classe's reference monoblock amplifiers. It is a standard Golden Cross cord with special lettering on the shrink wrap.

The condition is physically good... no cuts or serious abrasions. The lettering is faded and there is some dirt/discoloration on the shrink, but mechanically perfect. I rate it a 7 of 10. Works perfectly.

Asking $295 but will discount for a local St. Louis area buyer.

Thanks for looking!


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Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #465 on: 26 Jun 2018, 09:17 pm »
PM sent on the Technics.  DIBS.


Primare A32 Power Amplifier, Big, Heavy, Great Sounding. SOLD
« Reply #466 on: 16 Jul 2018, 07:46 pm »
I am selling my Primare A32 power amp.  I have owned it six years and it has sounded great while being totally reliable.  This was Primare's statement amp until very recently.  It is designed in Sweden and built in Taiwan.  New it listed for $5500.  It is a great amp for running Maggies or other power hungry speakers.

Power output is 250/400 WPC.  The amp weighs 90 pounds, has a 2KVA transformer and 180,000 uF of capacitance.  It accepts either single ended or balanced inputs and converts single ended sources to balanced.  It is biased slightly on the warm side.  The fins get moderately warm.  I have the box and manuals.  You can get more information at:>Resources>Past Products>Stereo Amplifiers>A32.

For a serious local buyer, I am willing to do a home audition assuming I get some help moving the amp.  I am willing to meet an out of town buyer so that shipping can be avoided. 

Contact me with any questions or interest.  Thanks for checking out my ad. Kent Johnson 636-399-8053

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Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #467 on: 30 Jul 2018, 12:41 am »
Selling a set of Martin Logan Aerius speakers. They sound great, and I'd love for them to find a home with a local AudioCircle member. Can be single or bi-wired. $SOLD

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Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #468 on: 30 Jul 2018, 04:12 pm »
McIntosh 1900 receiver, great cosmetic and working condition , $900 with case, $750 without.
Dynaco A25 speakers, $200, good linen grilles, no badges.


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Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #469 on: 5 Aug 2018, 02:11 am »
Dave, any preventative maintenance on the 1900 (caps replaced, etc.?)


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Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #470 on: 9 Sep 2018, 01:57 pm »
Evan, Alpha Tech cleared up a scratchy channel eight years ago, it if without any issues now.

I am looking for a quality cartridge to mate with a Grado Refence wood tonearm.


iFi Audio Nano iUSB 3.0 Audio-grade USB power supply $150.00
« Reply #471 on: 13 Sep 2018, 01:22 am »
I have a LNIB iFi Audio Nano iUSB3.0 Rengenerator for sale.  This is perfect for anyone that has made the switch to Computer Audio.  It reclocks, rebalances and regenerates the USB signal from your computer to your Dac cleaning up any power supply noise and reducing Jitter as well.

It includes OBM, usb cable, usb power cable and iFi Power supply.

Shipping via USPS priority included in price, PayPal ads fee or F&F....

Text to 314-532-0095 for photos or questions


Revel F 208 Speakers
« Reply #472 on: 29 Sep 2018, 08:48 pm »
I have an opportunity to pick up a pair of the Revel F 228 Be (Beryllium) speakers but to do so requires selling my 208s.  Is anyone in the area interested in these?  They are in perfect shape, very good sounding, and walnut finish.  I don't have shipping boxes.  Selling price would be $2500.  Contact me if interested or if you need more information.

Thanks.  Kent Johnson 636-399-8053

PS  Also thinking of selling my Sony XA 5400ES SACD/CD player to help with this deal.  Anyone interested in it?


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Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #473 on: 1 Oct 2018, 08:57 pm »

     Up for sale is my audio gear. I'm selling my Rega Brio amplifier for $200 obo, my Marantz dv8400 SACD/DVD/DVD Audio player for $200 obo, and my Jamo Bookshelf speakers for $125 obo.

The Marantz is a fine player, but once in awhile it won't load a CD initially, requiring the power button be turned on and back on again. SACDs and DVDs play fine. I'm only parting with these items out of necessity. It's a great system that has served me well. Cash only please. I'm in Oakville.


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Cleaning out stuff I no longer need.
« Reply #474 on: 16 Oct 2018, 04:56 pm »
I don't see myself using a lot of this equipment any more.  All of it was working when last used, except as noted.  Not everything is pictured.  I am open to offers and bundles.  Thanks for looking through these items.  Contact me for further information on any of these items.  Kent 636-399-8053

Leader LBO-522 Dual Trace Oscilloscope 20 meghz with new probe and manual.  SOLD
Heathkit TC-3 tube tester.  It has test information for a lot of older tubes.  SOLD
Radio Shack 43 Range analog meter with box, probes, and manual.  Like new SOLD
Radio Shack LCD multimeter with box and manual.  Works great, excellent condition.  $10
HP 427A Voltage meter with manual.  SOLD
HP 204C Sine wave generator. $60
Tripp Lite LC-1200 Voltage regulator and surge protector.  $50 Great for protecting test equipment as well as audio.
Blue Circle BC 86 Parallel Power Line Filter.  Plugs into an open outlet on the circuit being used and cleans up the AC.  $25
G&W TW-03D AC Line Filter.  Has one filtered and one non-filtered duplex outlet, voltage meter.  $20
3 Myrtle Wood footers.  Approximately 1.5 inches high by 2 inch diameter.  $20  These were sold to me as myrtle wood.
Pyle Pro PCT-10 Cable tester.  Does XLR, RCA, Speakon, others.  SOLD
Radio Shack Analog Sound Level Meter with box, manual, and case.  Excellent SOLD
Auralex Sub dude HT sub woofer platforms.  These damp out unwanted cabinet vibrations.  $80 for the pair.
20 inch high quality metal speaker stands. black.  $50 for the pair.
Shure M91ed and Shure Me96P Cartridges.  Both need styli.  Free with assorted mounting hardware.
Onkyo AM/FM/HD tuner.  Model TUN-3.7 with manual and remote.  SOLD
RCA Receiving Tube Manuals.  RC 25 and RC 30.  $5 for both.
Beginner's Guide to Tube Audio Design book.  $12  Wasn't beginner enough for me.
Some basic electronics books. Whatever.
Elton John Sealed SACD, "Elton John".  SOLD
Wyred4Sound Balanced Audio Cables with boxes.  These are W4S' best cables.  I have two 1 meter lengths and one 2 meter.  $160 for each 1 meter, and $220 for the 2 meter.  These use OHNO single Crystal wire.  Very hard to beat for the money.  Excellent shape.
Pair 6.8 Ohm, 220 Watt resistors.  I used these for dummy loads.  $5
DH Labs BL-1 Interconnect cables.  Have enough wire for a pair of 15 inch and 22 interconnects and some used Eichmann RCAs.  $10 if you want to play with it.

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Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #475 on: 16 Oct 2018, 09:04 pm »
I'll take the SACD and the cable tester, Kent!



Salamander twin 40
« Reply #476 on: 1 Nov 2018, 02:17 am »
I have Salamander twin 40 rack for sale.  It will come with the original cherry tops(have some bumps and bruises from use) will also come with a pair of Baltic birch tops and lastly Single unit pieces finished in a flat black(top photo).  Will include a 3rd black piece to use as amp stand.

So you can have a single as pictured or a double rack if you use the wider pieces.
I also have the chrome feet as well to use with amp stand or on the rack in the photo
The three photos show the other shelves installed for reference.

Asking $375 Local St Louis Sale.



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Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #477 on: 7 Nov 2018, 04:11 am »
I have a few items for sale.

Sony ps-6750: Not mint but good condition for its age. Antistatic dust cover which is an awesome feature. The power button pops up occasionally while playing. A small weight would cure that. Paid $500 from Asking $250. This is a 100v. I can provide a acupwr 300 watt step down transformer for $50 that you could build a 100v. setup around. Waay more than enough wattage for the ps-6750.

Sony TTS-3000 + Micro Ma-505: Cryopart' custom all real wood plinth. Custom damped and painted tts-3000. Herbie audio lab tender feet. Micro ma-505 from Really nice shape. Paid $850. Asking $425. 120v. no transformer needed.

Sony XA7ES: A beast of a cd player. Like new down to the original box. Really cool tray and cd weight. Some of you may have seen it at the headphone meet this year at JDS labs. Talked the music room down to $750 shipped. I gotta get $500. It just looks too cool and sounds too darn good to get much less than that. I'm pretty sure I could get $700+ from the bay but would like to see the end game cd player stay local. 120v. not transformer needed. SOLD!

No pets but I do smoke. If you're allergic to cigarette smoke these are not the audio gears for you. These are being replace by a Pioneer pl-70lii, Sony st-j88b and Luxman d-500x for those interested.

Some photo's

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Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #478 on: 14 Nov 2018, 11:35 pm »
For sale Classe' Audio CA5200
That's five channels at 200 watts each.
Asking $3000.00 or reasonable offer, no box so local pickup only.
Has a missing 2  top cabinet screws and not original.
Also has a 1in scratch on the top face.
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« Reply #479 on: 15 Nov 2018, 06:09 pm »
Recently upgraded theater room...time to try to find new homes for some items...please read comments re: items. I'm in South County:

Lexicon MC12Bv5EQ: In its day, this was the big dog of pre-pros. 2 Channel has problem with left channel, but all other surround modes work very well (lately, I had listened to stereo via Pro-Logic II). No HDMI. I have original manuals, boxes, carrying case for the four high quality microphones used for room equalization. Remote is "tacky" from non-use, but works. $300

Pioneer PRO-RO4U media control box: This is the outboard media control box for the Pioneer Elite Plasma. Works fine. I replaced the plasma because the screen pixels were going kaput. $75

Rotel RT-1080 AM/FM Stereo Tuner: If this has 5 hours usage, I'm surprised. Seriously. Paid $449 new. $100

Escient E2-400 Music Server: Upgraded to 750MB disk. ~1,000 CD's in FLAC currently on drive with room to spare. Remote is "tacky" from non-use, but works. $100

Marantz DV9500 CD/DVD Player: Reference in its day. No BluRay, but SACD. Sometimes sticks on eject and loading, but plays fine. $75

Denon DCM-370 5 Disc CD Player: Works well. $40

Philips Pronto Professional TSU9400 Remote: Fully customizable remote. Will include IR blasters for control of devices in cabinets, etc.... $50

I hope I have priced these to move quickly.

Happy to answer any questions.

Thanks for considering.

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