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EAR 834P phono pre for sale
« Reply #500 on: 12 Mar 2019, 10:56 pm »
I have a well cared for EAR 834P phono pre with MM/MC and no volume control. I am the second owner and have had it for 4-5 years. No pets, no children, no smoking. Serial #164514 

It works perfectly and cosmetics I rate an 8 on Audiogon scale. No visible scratches except in just the right reflected light I can pick out a few light marks.

$775 for a local St. Louis buyer with stock deParavicini tubes that I never used, but work perfectly. Unsure of hours on the tubes but they sound great. I can include cheapie power cord if that is helpful. Included is the original box, packing materials, and manual.

Happy to answer questions, and thanks.


Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #501 on: 15 Mar 2019, 12:44 am »
Ear 834P is sold.


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WTB: Vinyl
« Reply #502 on: 23 Mar 2019, 03:45 pm »
So I finally got my music room cleaned and set up, but would like to expand my vinyl collection. I have quite a few albums now, however many were from a large and not particularly well loved collection so I’d be willing to rebuy many of the albums I have that have background noise, etc...

I mostly listen to rock, but would be willing to buy jazz, blues, bluegrass and classical as well. I’m not particularly interested in buying one or two records here and there. If I want a specifiic album badly enough I normally purchase it online. If, however, anyone was looking to get out of vinyl or thin some of their collection I might be interested in buying a good portion or all of what you are looking to part with.


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Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #503 on: 25 Mar 2019, 12:18 am »
Dahlquist DQM-9's are gone.  Sorry I didn't update the thread earlier.


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Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #504 on: 19 Apr 2019, 01:36 pm »
I’m clearing out some excess speakers I have enjoyed over the last few years.  These are all custom made. Most all have won awards at the Parts Express Midwest Audio Fest.

You are welcome to Demo at your house or mine.  I’m not covering parts cost for these but rather they went to someone in StL who likes to listen to music. PM me or email jrmsh12 at gmail dot com.  Probably not a great weekend for this...

SOLD Purple open baffle speakers.  These have a unique open/ clear sound and low impact bass. $125 for the pair. If you can get over the looks, they sound wonderful in a medium sized room. SOLD

Maple stand mount speakers.  Full range sound in a stand mount. $175 for the pair.
Brown short tower speakers. Best sounding speakers out of this group.  They use a custom-made coax speaker.  They are 33 inches tall and heavy.  I would like to get $300 for these speakers.

SOLDBass bins for a PA speaker system.  This is not a sub-woofer.  There is a passive high pass filter that rolls of the top end.  Frequency response from 80 Hz to 40 Hz. $150 each or both for $200. SOLD

John H.

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Spring Clearance Sale
« Reply #505 on: 26 Apr 2019, 08:34 pm »
I still have some audio-related items that I would like to get out of my house.  Everything is in excellent shape.  Here is a list:

Tripplite LC-1200 Voltage Stabilizer and Surge protector.  Contact me with any questions.  $40

20-inch speaker stands.  Heavy duty with 6.5 by 7.5 speaker platform.  Modified to be adjustable from above.  $50/pair

Schiit Modi 2 Uber DAC.  Amazingly good sound.  Will upgrade your old CD or DVD player.  $75.  With 3 foot GLASS Toslink cable.  $90

Sanus 5 shelf audio rack. Black shelves with silver columns.  40 inches high.  Each shelf is 22.5 inches wide by 19.5 inches deep.  Have both spikes and flat feet.

Aurelex Subdude HT anti-vibration platforms.  18 inches wide by 22.5 deep.  Made for eliminating subwoofer/speaker vibrations into floor.  Sell for $160.  These are only $100 for the pair.  Have boxes.

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Mr Peabody

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Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #506 on: 25 May 2019, 11:18 pm »
Hi all, I listed a NAD M50.2 streamer with 4TB hard drive (2TB storage & 2TB back up) on the Trading Post forum under Sources.  It uses the Bluesound app so you can stream a host of music services and internet radio.  This has no DAC.  The CD drive can play the disc or rip it to the hard drive.  Once on the hard drive you can play it from the convenience of the app on your phone or tablet.

I've had it a couple months so you'd get near the full 3 year warranty.  All accessories and double box.  View the ad for more info, come have a listen.  A great way to get into streaming without a computer, play your stored CD's or favorite music service from your fingertip.

I'm asking $2500.00 and the unit is $3999.00 new.

The M50.2 is a nice unit and simple to use.  I'm wanting to sell to help fund another purchase.

I actually made the other purchase and would really like to sell the NAD.
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Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #507 on: 21 Jun 2019, 10:19 pm »
I have a load of Audio Magazines that are free....there are Stereophile, Absolute Sound and others that I don’t remember.  Need to pickup and pack as my back won’t be able to contribute.  I am located in Dardenne Prairie.
314-532-0095 text or call.


Re: GAS Flea Market thread SOLD
« Reply #508 on: 5 Jul 2019, 12:00 pm »

Dayton Audio MA1240A 12 channel Amp with rack mounting ears (unused). Would like $300.

12 channels of clean class-AB audio power at a fraction of the new cost ($575). Works. Can be configured as 12 40W or 6 80W channels that run off separate inputs or a single distributed input. Do not underestimate the power it will play clean and loud, runs off two large transformers and is quite heavy (33 lbs). Comes with rack mounting ears. Was using for active crossover home theater setup in living room. Non-smoking home.

* Frequency Response: 5 Hz to 72 kHz
* Distortion: .005% THD 20 Hz-20 kHz @ 30W (8 ohm)
* Distortion (Bridged): .010% THD 20 Hz-20 kHz @ 80W (8 ohm)
* Signal to Noise Ratio: 105 dB A-weighted

More information:

More pictures and description:

I'll likely be slower to respond via Audiocircle, but you can contact directly via Craigslist post and just mention GAS AudioCircle post.

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Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #509 on: 13 Jul 2019, 03:42 am »
CD-1500 CHERRY Multimedia Storage Rack BLACK Shelves CD DVD Games VHS Blu-Ray...made by Leslie Dame. Cherry and black finish. Holds 1500 CDs, 612 DVDs, 900 Audio Cassettes, or 360 VHS tapes.



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Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #510 on: 16 Aug 2019, 03:45 am »
Klipsch Cornwall I speakers $475. I bought these from Dave over the winter with the best of intentions to fix the cabinets, but haven’t and won’t find the time. The good news is that they sound great. The cabinets are rough which relegated them to the unfinished portion of the basement. I don’t use that part nearly enough to keep them and they are far from passing the wife test so can’t come upstairs.  Not looking to make any money off the folks here so listing them for the bargain Dave gave me. If nobody is interested in the next few days, I will list them elsewhere, but would rather not.

If you are handy and looking for a woodworking project or just don’t mind rough cabinets, this could be an excellent addition. I hate to see them go, but need to make room for some gear I just purchased and take some of the sting from the pending bill.

And I can’t be too sad. Dave introduced me to Eico tube gear and, happily, the hf-81 I bought from him is here to stay.  :D

Shoot me a message if interested and I can get pictures. Pick up only. Thanks
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Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #511 on: 24 Aug 2019, 09:15 pm »
Cornwall speakers sold. Great to meet you, Mike. Enjoy!


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Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #512 on: 12 Sep 2019, 01:32 pm »
Monster AVS2000 Automatic Voltage Stabilizer    reasonable offer.
removed due to lack of interest.

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Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #513 on: 3 Oct 2019, 04:06 am »
Looking for a couple of pieces of audio furniture...

1.  A CD tower, black wood, glass shelves on two sides, and rotating.  Bought one at Best Sound over 15 years ago, and looking for more.
I'll post photos of mine soon.

2.  An Omnimount 4-shelf audio stand with clear glass shelves.  Very open design, single vertical tube in the back.  Model G-304G or G-304B, grey or black metal.   

Willing to drive 100-150 miles from STL to locate.




Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #514 on: 3 Oct 2019, 08:24 pm »
2.  An Omnimount 4-shelf audio stand with clear glass shelves.  Very open design, single vertical tube in the back.  Model G-304G or G-304B, grey or black metal.   
A few months ago I could have helped you with that. I wound up packaging that exact piece when I sold my Martin Logans. Sorry! They ARE out there! I suggest trying Craigsxxxx since they were once offered through big box electronics stores. Good luck!


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Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #515 on: 13 Oct 2019, 01:50 pm »
For Sale is a Pair of B&W Nautilus 804 in cherry with stands. $1800.00 SOLD
I have boxes from a pair of the diamond series 804

One speaker with stand.

This speaker has a small scratch on the side.

Removed due to lack of interest
If interested call me at 314 704-3245 or email
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Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #516 on: 11 Nov 2019, 09:30 pm »
FS: pair GoldenEar Triton Ones. $2,650. I am the original owner & have the boxes. Cosmetically and operationally as good as new. They have won many awards, as I am sure you all know. Check the GoldenEar website for description, pix, &c. I am in Columbia, MO and will deliver anywhere between here and the STL area. 573-446-2357 or


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Sanus AV furniture
« Reply #517 on: 2 Dec 2019, 05:49 pm »
Two identical sets of Sanus audio shelving, with extra posts to change the configuration.  Both can be combined if you want a real tall one.  As shown have 12" posts on the bottom shelf, and 8" on the upper shelves.  Comes with 10 additional 8" posts and you can still order more 12" posts from Sanus for about $30/set.

All shelves but one are in very good condition.

Delivery to COMO/Jeff city/STL area included (will be in STL this Thursday and Sunday).   $85 for each unit, or $150 for the pair.

EDIT:  Will post dimensions this evening, but I think it's 42-43" wide.


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Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #518 on: 9 Dec 2019, 04:06 pm »
***ALL SOLD***
Hey Folks!
I'm selling my Audeze LCD-3F magnetic planar headphones with the fazor drivers.  Excellent condition of course.  Comes with a pelican travel case and 6ft. cable.  I can also sell my THX AAA 789 Linear head amp.  Both have great reviews and are heavily discounted for all my GAS friends.  I will have these at the next GAS meetup if anyone wants to try them out, I think it'll be in January sometime.  Just as a frame of reference, the headphones new were $1945.00.

Audeze LCD-3F:  $700.00
THX AAA 789 Head Amp:  $250.00

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Re: GAS Flea Market thread
« Reply #519 on: 16 Dec 2019, 09:27 pm »
I have two sets of speakers and a set of tube monoblock amps for sale here in the St. Louis area:

SOLD Von Schweikert VR 33   $1250 for the pair    come with Herbies Audio Labs threaded stud gliders

SOLD Von Schweikert DB100  $1000 for the pair   had these for years but haven't used much as they are ultimately too large for my space. 100db efficient - can be driven by flea watt amps. Built in amps power woofers for bass -- bass level is adjustable.  Review on Soundstage. These are large and quite heavy -- but if you have the space - great speakers at unbeatable price.  (I only took a picture of one of them -- the other is identical and in the same condition)

SOLD Aronov Audio LS9100 monoblock tube amplifiers 110 watts per channel. I have also had these for years but haven't used them since about '08-09. I had them modded by Steve Huntley of Great Northern Sound in '05 -- basically a parts swap. I've included a pic of the document describing what he did. I know there are people in the St. Louis area that are familiar with these fine amps. They would not come with tubes or power cords. $850 for the pair. I have them currently stored - so no pics. If someone is interested I will pull them out and take pics. 


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