***X-SLS & X-CS Encore, AV-1RS Build***

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Danny Richie

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Re: ***X-SLS & X-CS Encore, AV-1RS Build***
« Reply #100 on: 11 Sep 2015, 05:06 am »
Ah, you are talking about the slot port on the X-SLS version. An additional 18mm length will tune it slightly lower. Add a large flare to it and you'll be almost back to where you were.


Re: ***X-SLS & X-CS Encore, AV-1RS Build***
« Reply #101 on: 1 Feb 2019, 01:22 am »
Peter J,
Old thread, I know...  I have been considering a future build- wanting to incorporate laminate at least on the front baffle.  I remembered reading this thread of yours years ago that had such great, helpful information on working with plastic laminate and veneer and I just finished reading/reviewing your educational posts again. 

Haven't seen posts from you for awhile but if/when you share the pictorial documentation of a build, I will be paying close attention!

Thanks again,

Peter J

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Re: ***X-SLS & X-CS Encore, AV-1RS Build***
« Reply #102 on: 1 Feb 2019, 09:10 pm »
Thanks for the post, Pete. If I sparked your imagination or provided helpful info then, at least for my part, "mission accomplished".

Haven't been building speakers lately, but rather remodeling other's homes and up-fitting my own shop so I can play there more and work on-site less. My interest in speaker building seems to ebb and flow. I guess that describes my whole modus operandi, generally speaking.

Among recent additions to challenge myself with has been a much bigger CNC router. A beast by my standard, but mid-line in the industrial world. The remodel I'm currently nearing completion on was such that I could cut all the kitchen cabs on router. It just amazes this old analog guy what's possible and learning the ins and outs of design software can be both maddening and rewarding. Fortunatly I like learning new stuff!

Even though I haven't building much in the audio world, it' never far from my mind. I have many ideas that I hope to execute and I'll be sure and blog about here if it's of interest. Some may even be audio related  :D