GR-Research Speaker Cables build by Rock Ball

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Re: GR-Research Speaker Cables build by Rock Ball
« Reply #160 on: 10 Feb 2023, 07:51 pm »
These are really great speaker cables. I made a pair too and have left them in my main system! Will share pics soon! Thanks,


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Re: GR-Research Speaker Cables build by Rock Ball
« Reply #161 on: 9 Mar 2023, 09:41 pm »
I have been lurking on this thread for a bit more than a year now. I made these cables using Denny's YouTube video, along with supplies I purchased on Amazon and AliExpress.
Specifically, I made the 8TC cables.
The cables turned out very well. Denny's instructions and advice on this thread and his video were helpful.
Before using the cables, I was listening via a NAD 7020e. The sound was nice, but when using my Raspberry Pi4 streamer and Schiit DAC, I couldn't help but notice a lot of subtle background noise. When listening to songs with quiet passages (for instance, CSN's "Delta" off the Daylight Again album) I would hear the annoying hiss of background noise. Almost like an audible shower head in the distance.
I knew I had a noise problem... clearly.
After creating a new ground for my system (a 6 foot long threaded rod ratcheted (by hand!) into the ground), the noise floor was still prevalent.
I've used a fair amount of speaker cables over the years. Some good, some bad. After making these 8TC cables, and connecting them to my system, I was absolutely astonished. The noise was gone. History. Inaudible. Listening to Delta is now a joy, as the hiss has been deleted by these cables.
I would say that stripping the jackets off the wire ends was the most difficult part. However, I purchased a nice wire stripper that made the job easy, and protected the copper wires themselves. After stripping and separating the wires, the assembly was rather easy. In fact, it was embarrassingly easy.
Luckily I owned a heat gun, so the heat shrink went on easily and is still showing no signs of separating.
For those who believe wires need burn in times, I have been using them for about 14 months now. They continue to be fantastic. I have since upgraded to a vintage McIntosh MA6100. The sound is perfect, and the noise floor so low I can't hear any hiss or noise when I am up next to the speakers (vintage Allison Acoustic LC-110s). 
The investment in this project is laughably minimal. Seriously... less than $100. However, the payoff has been largest in my listening history.
If you are on the fence, or doubt these work, spend the money to find out. You will be impressed and become a believer.


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Re: GR-Research Speaker Cables build by Rock Ball
« Reply #162 on: 3 Nov 2023, 12:34 pm »
Who is this “Denny” you speak of? The proprietor of GR Research is DAnny Richie.  :o  Just a friendly heads-up. Welcome to the GR Research Circle.