OB H/W Frame Wiring Info / Diagrams

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Re: OB H/W Frame Wiring Info / Diagrams
« Reply #40 on: 23 Mar 2021, 11:29 am »
Thank you

A note for the website:
The cutout info is also available under: https://www.gr-research.com/store/p39/A370PEQ.html
But this page is not linked from the "main" subwoofert kit page, so a bit hard to find.


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Re: OB H/W Frame Wiring Info / Diagrams
« Reply #41 on: 17 Aug 2021, 01:28 am »
Just finished my double stacked triples subs (6 drivers per side). Use my trusted 9V battery polarity tester to verify correct wiring.
I made this 15 years ago and it consists of a 9 volt battery, a intermittent button switch and leads out of the small (2X3" approx) project box
All driver go forward with + lead to red terminal. ALSO the servo coils will give forward motion with + to red (much less motion to 9V DC signal then main speaker coil).
Very simple trick. I have several complex systems and this tool gets used ALL the time.


Re: OB H/W Frame Wiring Info / Diagrams
« Reply #42 on: 24 Aug 2021, 04:39 pm »
Amp cut out is  11 1/8  x 1/8  (A370PEQ/HX800).  The HX300's are smaller and I can't  recall of hand  what the   cutout zie is.

You  need about  5"  of  height   for clearence between the  top  and bottom  edge of    box frame
I liked the idea of some ventatlation although I am not  sure it is  required as I've seen    these amps in non vented enclosures...... if you  leave the bottom open  and add some "feet"   that  should  also do it.

Rhythmik specifications on the A370PEQ state that the panel-front is sealed, so I put mine in a closed box, saw no reason invite dust and bugs inside.


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Re: OB H/W Frame Wiring Info / Diagrams
« Reply #43 on: 20 Oct 2021, 08:05 am »
Thanks so much for this Jay - a freaking life saver for my H-frame OBS build.