Are the Criterion suitable for home theater?

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Danny Richie

Are the Criterion suitable for home theater?
« on: 1 Jan 2003, 10:24 pm »
I received this as a private message here. He asked some really good questions, and with Sica's permission I posted it here for others to see.

Happy new year! Danny I have a few questions, are the Criterions suitable for home theater?
Will there be a floor standing, fuller range version of the Criterions?
Does Dodd audio make integrated amps?
what cables does GR Research recommend for its products?
Thank you.
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Those are good questions.

The Criterion's will work fine as home theater speakers so long as you don't need to stick one right over your TV. They are not shielded.

Using them over a big screen or with a projector would be fine of coarse.

A 4 ohm MTM version of the Criterion is next in line for that series.

Since the Eton woofer is capable of playing down to a -3db of 58Hz they can be used with a sub to complete the full range sound.

The sound stage is large enough that you would never really feel like you are listening to a small speaker.

Dodd Audio can build just about anything. He mostly builds custom this or custom that anyway.

An integrated amp is no problem.

He could do a five channel amp/mono blocks, or even a high end, five channel, tube pre-amp if you wanted one.

I really have no specific cable recommendations. It really depends on your application and budget.

I have some of the Geortz speaker cable in my system that I really like. I have made some speaker cable and interconnect that are very good too.

Happy new year to you too.

Brian Bunge

Are the Criterion suitable for home theater?
« Reply #1 on: 2 Jan 2003, 02:34 am »

Some MIL-spec 12 gauge, silver coated copper wire is working quite well as speaker wire for my pair of A/V-1+'s! :)