Crossover assembly 101

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Re: Crossover assembly 101
« Reply #300 on: 16 Jul 2021, 04:24 pm »
Hi All! New here and doing my first GR Research build of the X-LS Encore. I've done 2 other non-GR DIY builds but am still learning about crossovers. Hoping to get a set of eyes on this layout before I solder. I looked through this thread and others but couldn't find any reference with the same parts I have. I got the Miflex Copper Bypass Capacitor upgrade.

I will post pics of the speakers when they are finished :)



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Re: Crossover assembly 101
« Reply #301 on: 17 Jul 2021, 05:27 pm »

You do have a couple likely conflicts there that I can see.  I'm sending you a private message with my phone number.  Give me a call or text and I'll walk you through sorting it out.

Update: I tried to message you but your new status isn't letting you receive private messages yet.

 Email me at

and I'll send you a roughly to scale layout drawing including the wiring connections and you can just replicate that physically.

Your current layout orients the inductors in a way that they will experience some negative interference from each other, and one of your bypass caps and resistors concerns me, maybe wrong, but not certain since I can't tell exactly what your intended connections will be.