Puritan Audio Laboratories PSM 136

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Re: Puritan Audio Laboratories PSM 136
« Reply #200 on: 24 Mar 2021, 10:00 am »
I have been following the thread, but if this question had been answered, then please excuse the repetition.

Have anyone used / compared the PSM 156 with the P.I. Audio UberBuss? I seem to recall on the Audiogon Forum that someone mentioned that he has moved from the  P.I. Audio UberBuss to the PSM 156. I would like a bit more information regarding the change.



Re: Puritan Audio Laboratories PSM 136
« Reply #201 on: 29 Apr 2021, 05:52 pm »
Has anyone tried the Puritan Ultimate power cord with the PSM156?


Re: Puritan Audio Laboratories PSM 136
« Reply #202 on: 29 Apr 2021, 06:07 pm »

I moved from the Classic cord provided with the PSM 156 to the Ultimate power cord.  I like it a lot.  It is definitely a nice improvement in my system.

One caveat is that if your system is tuned for the stock PSM 136/156 cord, you may need to rejigger things a bit for preferred tone, since the Ultimate is stronger in the bass and lower midrange.


Re: Puritan Audio Laboratories PSM 136
« Reply #203 on: 4 May 2021, 06:17 pm »
Any updates from owners that were wanting a couple more outlets with a 156?

I’m trying to figure a good and just as clean path for an extra duplex (or two) for an AppleTV, an iFi spdif purifier and maybe another 5v ps. This is just for casual day time app steaming...but these items run outside the Puritan and its simply not as good at all.

I have an old PI MajikBUSS w/ TWL 7+ cord and I tried it daisy-chained through the 156 and it wasn’t as good either. Might just be that the Puritan and it’s power cord are more neutral and open, so anything other than that neutrality, even with the 156 upstream, just doesn’t sound as good...

I do like the idea of putting NCF outlets in a standard but high quality power strip but then stuck with whatever rubber coated cord is attached to it.

So far running all the ancillaries mentioned into the Wells Audio Looking Glass conditioner I still have seems to be best but keeping it around for just these lil things seems like overkill...

Anyone work together a just-as-clean-as-through-the-156 outlet addition??