Alan Maher's CBF's

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Alan Maher's CBF's
« on: 12 Jan 2010, 09:29 pm »
My system is starting to unfold as described in several posts here about these products. I'm not totally sure how this stuff works, but this morning I think I got a glimpse of what is coming.

With regard to the installation of the CBF’s, I staggered the install over a week, mainly because I wasn’t sure where to put them. After some back and forth with Alan I finally got them dialed in. First I put CBF's on the main CB and the A/V CB. Then I moved them to the main wire bundle and wires going into the A/V CB. Then I added one back to the A/V CB. Then I put one behind the duplex feeding my A/V system and lastly I put one on the transformer inside the power supply to my CD player. All of these were done at different times over a week long period. I have no idea how that staggering will unfold as each one is probably in a different stage of cooking and tuning.

I did place a REFIII a week ago and did not move it. It is on a non A/V circuit.

First, my 5 year old 61" Samsung DLP got a nice lift in color saturation and detail. I was able to eliminate any the color correction and now have a much more natural video presentation with more detail and richer color. Nice!!!

With regard to the audio, I am starting to hear what happens when you remove the hash from you’re A/C. Normally subdued rhythm guitars in the background suddenly have life and are nicely interwoven within the music. Stringed instruments have changed dramatically and actually have a pleasing, natural tone with body and excellent timbre. Bass lines are defined and tight without the normal bloat and overhang that I have had in the past. I don’t want to jump to conclusions to quickly, but there was a pretty bad bass hump in my less-than-perfect room. That seems to be gone at this point.

Anyway, I like what I am hearing and will report more as the cooking and tuning progresses.



Re: Alan Maher's CBF's
« Reply #1 on: 16 Mar 2011, 01:43 am »
I just took delivery of a few alan maher products, 2 Ref III wall warts & 5 Infinity filters. prior to this i've used a Brick Wall, MIT Z Duplex outlet & Audioprism wall warts...and i live in places with dirty ac, emi & rfi.

What the heck is going on with this stuff??  Within a few hours of plugging in the wall warts & taping 1 cbf to a circuit breaker, the detail & thrust of the music is insane.

i'm sitting here listening to a decent computer system: M-Audio Studiophile DX4 powered monitors, 2011 mac mini+Tranquility DAC & Signature usb cable.  Although tiny, there's a full stage of musicians in front of me.  The separation of instruments that the Tranquility is known for really plays into how silent the background is & how effortless the tunes are now.  The power supplies of my gear are in love with ac current now!

Another 30 days of 'better than this' will be enjoyable indeed.

The MIT Z duplex outlet also has Power Factor Correction in it, but its nowhere even close to as capable as this alan maher set-up.

Highly recommended.