EVS Ground Enhancers

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EVS Ground Enhancers
« on: 23 Apr 2011, 04:03 am »
Electronic Visionary Systems Ground Enhancers....Bravo!

I recently put together a high performance system for my sitting room. The acoustics are very good with my listening position just 6 feet away, with the speakers only 5' 6" apart and only 1'6" out from the front wall. My musical interests cover jazz, classical, folk-pop and prog rock. Most of my systems have been no holds barred 6 figure behemoths with varying results. My latest foray into the musical arts has sparked my interest anew...and all for well under $10k. The icing on the cake comes in the form of a set of EVS Ground Enhancers(GE's) from Ric Schultz (Mr. EVS himself). After a lengthy discussion with Ric concerning the efficacy of the aforementioned GE's, I placed my order and waited. When they arrived, I discovered that Ric had sent me an extra set of prototype GE's marked with a black dot. A call to Ric enlightened me as to what was different about the prototypes....more wire! More wire more goodness seems to be the theory. Ric is very laid back, thoughtful and experimental by nature...he is an audio artist. Information and GE's in hand, I started hooking them up and tieing them down...with the supplied string. Yup, you should tie them down to prevent ringing...just do it, they sound better that way. Bottom line is that they work. How you ask? Well, let's put it this way....they are ADDICTIVE!! Leave them in and play them for a few hours before critical listening, but then play your favorite music. Next, I dare you to take them out of your system and not get the itch to put them back in. So what DO THEY DO?? Ok, Ok I'll tell ya....Everything is better. What? You want more? Alright, I'll dish some more. By better, I mean that the entire soundstage opens up more, inner detail is portrayed in bolder relief and the apparent scale of the music is enhanced somehow....the musicians seem to become almost tangible. Very strange indeed. I wound up with the prototype GE's on the negative tweeter terminals of my speakers and the standard GE's on the bass sections and on the neg posts of my amp. I also use an RCA GE on my amps Tuner input section (any input or output should work however). I tried removing the GE's from my system, but everytime I did, a sense of loss soon followed. A loss of aliveness and scale, a reduction of clarity and transparency and a generalized flattening of the images. The thrill was gone without the Ground Enhancers from Ric at EVS. You owe it to yourself to try them...it's like Viagra for your stereo:O)

Associated gear:
NAD C375BEE Integrated
NAD C565BEE CD Player
Totem Arrow Speakers
MIT S3.3 and AVT 1 Cabling
MIT Magnum AC2 power cord for amp
Audioquest NRG3 power cord for CD
HiFi Tuning Supreme Fuse for Amp
Herbie Audio Labs isolation products
Mapleshade Brass Heavyhat weights

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Re: EVS Ground Enhancers
« Reply #1 on: 23 Apr 2011, 05:20 am »
Sounds about the same results as I derived from the same placement of the hooked GE's in my system. I also used a Hook GE on the ground terminal on my BPT balanced power conditioner and a RCA GE on my ACI Force XL subwoofer. It's always good to hear from someone who has had the same results as I have had with my Enhancers. I might have to see if I can try out a pair of them prototype Enhancers on my Odyssey Lorelei's.  :thumb:


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Re: EVS Ground Enhancers
« Reply #2 on: 23 Apr 2011, 10:19 am »
I made some home made pigtails with a blob of ferrite (my idea) on the end.
Stuck them in at the negative terminal of the amp/speaker.
And on unused neutral A/C outlets.
They are a nice addition to tweakyness.

I discovered too many does go too far, as I had added eight sets to the amp, speaker wires at the speaker etc. Removed some, especially the ones on the positive terminals!
Final implementation on the amp negative outlets, a group of seven 1" long, 1/2 inch diameter ferrite tubes from American Science and Surplus, tightly bound with small zip ties into a bundle, with the pigtail wire stripped a long 20" and wrapped through them so the ferrites all have good contact with the wire, and the wire wrapped back to itself. I have the Ferrite clusters in coffee cups to avoid any accidental electrical contacts.
At the speaker ends I have a single ferrite on a pigtail at the low, and mid/high connectors (biwired Maggie 3.6s)
The ferrite pigtails on the outlet ends are just A/C plugs with a wire on only the neutral line, and the ferrite at the end of the pigtail.(wrapped in blue heavy Teflon plumbers tape, just to be extra safe! would not want the 'hot' line to somehow be on the neutral side... and accidentally touch something) These actually look sort of cute!

My theory is the tweak started as just a short wire, then a wire with more stuff, and seems the realization that a lot more stuff is better. Thus my idea just go straight to a big electron warehouse, a ferrite. (any electron storage would do, ferrites are just easy. Some other folks are using 9 volt batteries as a ground, with only the negative side of the battery attached.

(I tried the battery tweak, and it is about the same results as the ferrite, I stuck to the ferrite as it was my own idea...and one would have to check if the battery was good or died..)
The result: more clarity, greater PRAT, and more dynamics.
The small loss of midrange warmth I had from using powerline conditioners was removed. And better low frequency presentation.

The nice thing about the EVS is the low price. A reasonable amount for those wanting a ready made product.
Highly recommended.
This is one tweak anyone can make, or buy at a very reasonable price, and is really worth trying out.


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Re: EVS Ground Enhancers
« Reply #3 on: 23 Apr 2011, 10:48 am »
Very Nice write-up!!! :dance: :dance:


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Re: EVS Ground Enhancers
« Reply #4 on: 23 Apr 2011, 01:59 pm »
 Elizabeth, interesting findings. Experimented myself. Found that "more stuff" seems to sound better.
 The combo we came up with is a 10 ga concentric wound 26/36 stranded copper wire attached to an Esoteric Bannana connected to the neg binding postof the speaker. Have the EVS GE as well.
  Biggest effect was at the amps both pos. and neg. terminals, I still cannot believe they do what they do but they do .  :scratch:. A fun ride.