No buzz about the Veracity QW?

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No buzz about the Veracity QW?
« on: 22 Mar 2009, 05:50 pm »
Not to take anything away from the SongTowers or HT1/2/3 speakers, but there seems to be exactly zero discussions, inquiries, reviews and talk about the (seemingly wonderful) Veracity QW...

Is this rooted in the price point of the QW versus other Salk models?
More difficult to integrate into listening rooms? More demanding on your amps?

I, for one, would consider a pair.


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Re: No buzz about the Veracity QW?
« Reply #1 on: 22 Mar 2009, 08:26 pm »
The ST, also a MK QWT speaker, is much less expensive, although the Veracity QW purportedly has deeper low end and better midrange (and high end compared to the dome tweeter version of the ST).  However, with the HT2 TL available, I don't think that the Veracity QW is appealing as an alternative to the HT2 TL.  Having made these comments, I admittedly have only heard the ST RT, and I am basing my remarks, in part, on others' comments, but I was also considering the Veracity QW when I purchased my ST RT (but not when I ordered a pair of HT2 TL).