SongTowers in curly African bubinga

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Re: SongTowers in curly African bubinga
« Reply #40 on: 17 Mar 2009, 12:48 am »
As one of the other HT3 solid front burbinga owners
I gotta say those song towers look great in it Jim!

Bill - a flash really makes these look more electric than in real life
and a photo does not do Jim's impeccable woodwork justice

there have been a few finishes I wouldn't have picked, but I certainly admired them and they looked good in the respective room

how many other manufacturers put so much care and options in their finishing
and at such reasonable prices too, not to mention on such a great sounding speaker

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Re: SongTowers in curly African bubinga
« Reply #41 on: 22 Mar 2009, 05:16 pm »
One thing I will say - speakers are supposed to 'disappear' into a room, those (and lot of Jim's custom veneer's ) definitely do not disappear into a room LOL.

And I agree with Bill - I think for speakers that veneer is not very appealing, but then again I didn't ask and it's definitely to each his own. For all we know, the purchaser has an entire room of bubinga furniture and these speakers will fit right in there and be 'lost' in the decore. Bottom line is it is the sound that is the most important. What I think is really cool is that Jim will build a speaker with just about any veneer you want - and like anything custom, it will rock some peoples world, and make other people throw up.

Bill, I guess we can cross you off the bubinga list :) (me too).

Personally, I like a Piano Black finish first, cherry veneer would be my second choice but only with a nice darker stain (not too light). I also like a more standard wood grain, nothing to exotic (if having a wood grain at all).