What's this then?

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What's this then?
« on: 26 Oct 2007, 06:33 pm »

It's forced me to do this...




Re: What's this then?
« Reply #1 on: 7 Nov 2007, 03:33 pm »
I am going to write something about the new LS36.5/PS36.5 combo I have been listening too and marveling at for the past 3 weeks. I just need to get over the shock and speechlessness of having my "almost perfect" system trampled.
I had no idea that a preamp could change everything.
I have been looking for just those little bit mores. That extra bit of high end extension and transparency. That little bit greater bass extension and authority. I wanted a more musical dynamic. You know - the usual...
I thought maybe just one more bass trap would tip the system. A new power cord, maybe? New NOS tubes?
I feared I might need new speakers. All I can say is thank goodness I didn't start down that road. :roll:

This pre has saved me from all that grief. It has totally taken my system over the top and I am extremely happy with the sound.

But I did try a new power cord on it last night...
And I had to swap some tubes in the CDP ...


Re: What's this then?
« Reply #2 on: 4 Dec 2007, 06:20 am »
I am still going to write my review of the 36.5 with the outboard PSU. I just need to get some time to do it. I've been busy WORKING all the time so I can pay the thing off.  :duh:

But in the mean time I had a friend come by for a listen. He's a Magnepan freak and isn't - or at least hasn't been - easily convinced anything can sound as neutral and as clean as his 20.1s.

Well, he was pretty convinced this weekend that with the LS36.5 in my system the Andra IIs sounded as clean, as clear and as airy as his 20.1s.

Previously he wasn't all that inspired. :roll:

But that wasn't all he said. He loved the "dynamics and the greater complexity of the bass harmonics" so much it seems he's been pushed over the edge - he's considering changing his whole system.

The first thing he wants to get is an LS36.5 with the PS36.5.


Re: What's this then?
« Reply #3 on: 5 Dec 2007, 06:17 pm »
Thanks for the feedback Alan.  I realize that this upgrade came of came out of left field and is not inexpensive.  Retail price for the PS upgrade, for existing LS 36.5 owners is $3995, through your local dealer.  The cost for a LS 36.5 w/PS 36.5 when purchased new as a set, is $8750.

This started out as a curiosity on my part, as to how good an outboard, dual-mono power supply could sound and what it could do for the already exceptional 36.5.  I found the bass impact, separation, resolution and overall physical body of the musical presentation to be staggering.  We then took it one step further, by adding discrete tube-voltage regulation stages, using the 6EA7/6GM7 tubes.  The PS has a total of four transformers, two chokes and four tubes.  It weighs more than the stock LS 36.5 and is finished in the same chassis/casework to match the LS 36.5.  As a result, it is not cheap to build.

It wasn't a  planned upgrade, but it was SO good, that we decided to take it to the RMAF show in Denver and a feel for people's reactions to the sound.  The show was a huge success, the sound was phenomenal and our LS 36.5 w/PS 36.5 made beautiful music with Art Audio Vivo KR 300B P-P amp.  We decided that it was an exceptional upgrade and therefore would be available as part of our lineup.

Our first production run was small, and is already sold and spoken for, before they are even built.  The next production run will be bigger.  Obviously this is a Reference piece for us and is at a higher price-point that people are accustomed to seeing from ModWright.  I will also say, in 100% good conscience, that it STILL represents the same level of performance/value that all of our gear does.


Dan W.


Re: What's this then?
« Reply #4 on: 5 Dec 2007, 10:28 pm »
During the weekend listening we managed to swap in and out four preamps - The 36.5 with its fancy PSU, my SWLP (yes I still have it and it is still for sale - once my buddy heard the 36.5 he wasn't thinking about the SWLP anymore :|), the First Sound PD MII and a BAT VK51se. I really wanted to compare these to an ARC REF 3 also but there just wasn't one around.  :lol:

The BAT was close to the 36.5 as far as SS width and depth was concerned. Bass extension seemed about the same but the 36.5 beat it on the purity of its high end and its really outstanding leading edge transients/dynamics. Channel and image separation were similar but the 36.5 had more air around everything and those leading edge transients made everything - vocals and individual instruments - much more "real" sounding and more holographic. The BAT couldn't then match the 36.5 in communicating the emotional content of the music. Vocals are so clean and so detailed with the 36.5 that you can't but hear the emotion - this preamp literally drips with emotion. :wink:

The First Sound sounds a bit flat when compared to the 36.5 and the BAT. It's just outclassed at this point.

I forgot to say...This thing is worth every penny.  :thumb:
I go to work so I can come home and listen to amazing music. And the wheel goes round and round...

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