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« on: 9 Feb 2020, 05:38 am »
Hello,  I live just north of Louisville, KY
I have had some type of stereo equipment my entire life, but just recently started to spend a significant amount on equipment.  I check the boards for used equipment and would like to post comments on occasion.
I do not claim to be an audiophile.  I am interested in audio equipment and read a lot.  :)
I check the Salk forums to see the artwork that Jim has created.   Maybe one day I will own a pair.
Current configuration is Marantz SR5011, NAD M22 V2, Node 2i, Cornwall III, RC 64III, RP500SA, Pair of SVS 3000s, Panamax Power Conditioner, Standard cables. etc.   I stream mostly. 
Looking to replace my current speakers with another brand of speaker or possibly Cornwall IVs.   



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Re: Introduction
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Greetings & Welcome to AC S2W   :thumb:

Phil A

Re: Introduction
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Wind Chaser

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Welcome to Audio Circle.  :D


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Re: Introduction
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Thanks for the warm welcome,
Just realized I posted in the wrong intro section.....  Does this count as a 2nd post? LoL.   :duh:

Sorry to the folks on the industry side of things.   

Can the thread be pushed to the user area?   
If not I can repost.   Thanks. 


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Re: Introduction
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Suggest finding a local audio club, get out and listen to lots of gear, although what you've got is nice (I own a NAD M10 and also primarily stream).   

My first advice is to evaluate your listening space.  Is it tiny, square, un-isolated acoustically, and shared (can't develop ideal setup, listen when you want, or add needed room treatments)?  If so, recommend headphones for serious listening and a "family system" in-room. 

When auditioning bring a variety of your favorites, limit yourself to 3 or 4 pieces of the given type (speakers, amps, etc.) per day staying with the same ancillaries/room, and take notes (auditory memory is fleeting and it will force you to critically listen).  Shows are only good to chat with vendors or veto certain pieces/manufacturers.  Final auditions should be at home.

Be aware that most audiophiles are trophy hunters (who impulse buy and then swap too often and want to show off their gear).  They also shop far too much with their eyes and not their ears (note Salk's very nice veneer). 

Your classic Klipsch speakers are very efficient, but of ancient design.  Modern speakers offer many advantages.  Hear for yourself.  And read up here at Audio Circle. 


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Re: Introduction
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Hello I live in Courtenay, BC, I love music, but we don't have so many concerts in here.

I fell in love with the dipole sound of maggies in my friend's house, and I'd love to have a good understanding of all options before buying. Since that I have been watching New Record day channel among other YouTube, and I like to know more about GR-Research products. Unfortunately there not a lot of information who will help  to support a fair comparison with other options  yet, hopefully this forum will help to satisfy my analytical mindset :).

I enjoy  decoration and some DIY craft as well, but I am more into flowers than engineering. :)



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Re: Introduction
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Welcome Eliana :thumb:
I glad you liked a dipole Maggie, with a Maggie you will need a refined (transistor or Class D) powerful amp, what is expensive.

Recently was released a new 15'' fullrange driver suited to open baffle dipole use and sensitivity enough to use a small tube amp, price just $399usd per pair.

Or you can order it assembled from Decware at considerable higher cost:
Please note for greater musical detail this 15'' speaker is connected direct to the amp, you dont need cross-over, inductor or any active part between the amp and the speaker.
You may order this barrel shape panel to the nearrest carpenter shop to low cost.

With this 15'' fullrange driver you will hear plenty of hi SPL in a small room able to toe tap Rock and Eletronica etc, if your room are huge you will get a more sedate sound level.

There is a interesting topic on the small barrel OB version here:
Good luck.
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