X-MTM Encore build log

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Re: X-MTM Encore build log
« Reply #20 on: 25 Jul 2019, 09:45 pm »

I have follow up questions I hope you will help me with:

1. Did you use HOK primer and clear coat? If not what brand did you select?
2. The bin shellac - did you thin it down? What ratio of bin to thinner is correct?
3. Have you finished your speakers? How did you finish your pair?

Thank you


Re: X-MTM Encore build log
« Reply #21 on: 25 Jul 2019, 11:55 pm »
Great job and incredible finish!  I’m certain your buddy will really enjoy.  Thanks for sharing.



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Re: X-MTM Encore build log
« Reply #22 on: 26 Jul 2019, 12:30 am »
Thanks Ed.   Yes, my buddy is really enjoying them.


1)  No, I cheaped out and used the primer and clear I had on hand.   What I used was:

Speedokote SMR-210  Grey 2K Primer   w/ SMR-211 activator
Speedokote SMR-1150  Urethane Clear   w/ SMR-1102-Q Activator Medium.

Fortunately, I had no compatibility issues.

2)  Nope, I sprayed the BIN straight from the (fresh) can.   It doesn't require any thinning when spraying with a 1.4mm tip.   If you have a can that's been open for a while you might want to add a little denatured alcohol.

3)  Unfortunately, no.   Life is getting in the way, and I decided I'm not going to paint my X-MTMs until I finish building the matching center and rear channels, and subwoofers.     Hopefully later this fall.    Still leaning towards metal flake though...



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Re: X-MTM Encore build log
« Reply #23 on: 26 Jul 2019, 04:09 am »

Thank you for your quick response to my questions. Your answers are very helpful.

My progress to become a painter looks like this:

1. Bought a sheet of 1/2 inch mdf and cut it into 2' x 2' squares.

2. Bought rattle cans of Kilz and Zinsser shellac.  Cans of guide coat, 2K primer, and 2k clear coat.

3. I sanded test pieces with 150 grit paper and then sprayed the Kilz and the Zinsser on to respective test squares. Using the guide coat to
    gauge progress. I applied three coats of the respective primer / sealer using the guide coat after each new coat. Sand paper grit went from 150 followed by 220 grit and then 320 grit.

4. I then sprayed both with the 2K rattle can primer and sanded with 600 grit. Note: both test pieces became flat but the piece withe the Kilz
  required more sanding to achieve the same flatness. I then sprayed  three coats of rattle can glossy paint  followed by the rattle can 2K clear coat. The next step is to buy a HVLP gun and the sealer / primer / base coat / clear coat and practice technique on each step including flatting as needed.

Again, your build log and continuing input makes a significant difference in my progress, thank you!