New Neo3 / Neo 10 OB monitor

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New Neo3 / Neo 10 OB monitor
« on: 26 Nov 2018, 07:14 pm »
These little monitors should have their own thread  so here we go.
We are still needing a name for the little  Neo3/Neo 10 Ob monitor which  will be  a member of  the Serenity  line..  There's  been  a few  suggestions such as  "The Deuce",  "The Super 2" and  a couple of others  which I can't recall at the moment, feel  free to post them again folks.

The  use a  single  GR Neo 3  and  Neo 10, both in waveguides  they stand   16"  tall  and are  approx  15"  deep.  The response is exellent with a -6db point around the  180Hz  range.
With a  2nd order network:

And for the first time with  these drivers,  a  first order network:

There is  also an optional   OB triple  stack of  the M165-16 woofers that  can be used as a  base .  This stack of  M165's  will extend the   range  of the monitors down to  the 60-80Hz range depending on room gain making  crossing to  pair of servo subs even  easier.  If there's interest in these,  we'll do a small run.
Everything in  the above   kts   is made  from  1", .75"  and .625"  Medex.

A number of the flat packs and a   finished pair  of  cabinets   for  Rich  have  gone out.  We'll need to  soon cut  more of these as the initial run  is getting  depleted.
A  couple  pics of the assembled  flat packs  and of the   finished cabs sent to  Rich.



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Re: New Neo3 / Neo 10 OB monitor
« Reply #1 on: 26 Nov 2018, 09:36 pm »
Thanks, Jay!  I'm very interested in these.  But I would like to use them with a pair of OB 12"s  per side, like Rich's Monoliths.  I assume from what I have been reading, that this would work well.  I'm eager to find out about pricing, when that is figured out.  I think these would be a significant upgrade from my OB-5's, which I love.



Re: New Neo3 / Neo 10 OB monitor
« Reply #2 on: 26 Nov 2018, 10:16 pm »
Yes, that will work as well. I believe  Rich is using a BSC filter in the  Dspmagic with these to help bridge the  cross to the  dual 12's..  There is also  BSC  in the passive versions
Danny  is going to be posting prices  for the  full kit with  packs shortly.

Yup,  loved my OB7's as well  but  the full Ob  designs  just better  IMHO