Spatial M3 Triode Master

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Re: Spatial M3 Triode Master
« Reply #160 on: 27 Nov 2018, 08:25 pm »

Don't you think you're being a bit harsh? Not on the main stream media being totally corrupt which it is but on Spatial Audio?

I'm sure if you broke down the cost of many high end speakers you'd be just as upset.

As Wushuliu said, it's what it takes to keep the doors open. The consumer will ultimately decide.


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Re: Spatial M3 Triode Master
« Reply #161 on: 28 Nov 2018, 11:24 am »

So how do you expect people to take you serious? so you sound like you were really blown away buy these incredible cheap and terrible sounding speakers what a shame you have probably helped someone as clueless as you waste their money on bad sound. Did you not notice as soon as you saw the speakers in the M3 they were stamped frames??? That is a sign of cheap drivers but your a millennial so you don't know that. The M3 are a joke to be quite honest i feel sorry for anyone that likes the sound of the M3 due to having never heard good sound but don't assume what your hearing is good your not a Audiophile so give it up and admit you have terrible taste and zero knowledge about speakers & sound.

The compression drivers in the M3 are the cheapest worst sounding 1" compression drivers their are they are the K mart blue light drivers of the speaker world LMFAO. Ok the 15" coaxial is actually two different brands the 15" frame is a Eminence it is a Beta 12cx and it is $79.99 at u guessed it US speakers It is a coaxial but takes a screw on 1" driver witch means you can use any 1" screw on driver you like you could even use a bolt on 1" driver with a screw on adapter.  Now this is were it gets really funny the 1" compression driver Spatial uses is one of the cheapest made it is a china made P-Audio BM-D440s and it is a whopping $79.95 at you guessed it US speaker

The lower 15" in the M3 is a Eminence Delta 12LFA and it is $79.00 at US speakers   So your talking about $490.00 in drivers for the M3 and that is our cost.  Spatial i am sure only have less than half that invested in each M3 after buying the drivers in bulk.  Your review for these terrible sounding speakers was just glowing really made me laugh. Out of all the 15" coaxial speakers there are you liked the cheapest worst sounding combo on the planet. a similar designed  Modified Altec Lansing 604's and 605's would embarrass these M3 and those Altec have been around since the 1940's as would a similar designed speaker using Radian 15" coaxial or Beyma, Faital Pro, B & C . With so many really really nice sounding  15" coaxial drivers available why would Spatial use inferior Eminence & P-Audio drivers. Well we all know the answer Spatial is buying the cheapest thing out their and selling them for way way way more than should ever be allowed.

Interesting about the drivers. Heck, look at Klipsch Cornwall III's. Same thing....about $500 in drivers (maybe), $4000+ retail. Speakers have HUGE mark up. God bless Clayton as an entrepreneur. BTW, I've been intrigued by Spatial speakers, but have never listened to them.