Exotica 3 not outputting enough bass

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Re: Exotica 3 not outputting enough bass
« Reply #60 on: 18 Apr 2016, 05:24 pm »
How about the bass extension switch?
Doesn't this alter the roll off and curve of the rythmik without messing the cross over and phase?
This should make the subs section sound a bit diferent.

Yes it did.  I set it to high the very next night and did notice a difference in bass output, which sounded pretty good from the programming material.  I have put it back to the low setting since.  I may turn it back on high and listen again with music material this weekend.


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Re: Exotica 3 not outputting enough bass
« Reply #61 on: 18 Apr 2016, 05:35 pm »
There seems to be a few issues that need addressing here.

In calibrating these, we start by measuring the natural roll off of the W8 which is being used as a midrange driver.  It normally starts rolling off around 110Hz.  We then set the phase so that the output is the highest in the crossover region indicating they are in phase.  Finally, we adjust the gain so the FR is flat in the crossover region.

The plate amps take their input directly from the signal going to the binding posts.  So it makes no difference what amp you use or the gain of the amp.  The servo circuitry will track the input signal.

I performed the test by connecting an ipad to the line input on the plate amp on one of the speakers with the power off from the amplifier.  The goal was to hear the output of the bass only coming from the speakers.  The test was a success.  There was no need to test the other speaker as I was satisfied enough with testing only one speaker.

One thing we state in the documentation is that you are free to adjust the gain of the woofer section to your liking.  But we recommend not touching any other controls unless you have some measurement equipment in order to re-caibrate things.  This is hard or impossible to do accurately by ear.

Think about this:  The phase relationship between the midrange driver and the woofers will never change.  So there is no reason to change that setting.  Also, the W8 will roll off at the same frequency and this will not change either.  So there is no reason to the crossover frequency.  But you can certainly change the gain if you want more bass output.  That is a matter of taste and bass is very room dependent.

Take note all you future E3 owners out there!!!  These settings were never touched.

With passive radiators, the SS8's are directing bass frequencies different than the E3's.  So these two speaker models will load the room with deep bass in a completely different fashion.

Another thing to note is that if the woofers or plate amp are removed, it is imperative that the correct pair of wires are reconnected to the drivers and sensing coils.  If you get those mixed up, the system will still work but the performance will be severely compromised since you are using much smaller gauge wires to send the signal to the woofers. 

I worked with Jim on this to make certain that the wiring was set up correctly when I removed the woofers to check the wiring.

I should also note that in the picture you posted, the gain looks far too low.  Mine are close to 12 o'clock.  Your's look like someone adjusted them to about 10 o'clock.  I'm sure this is way too low.

I believe I received the speakers this way.  It is also quite possible that the Soundscape 8s may have been jealous and taken liberties to adjust the settings on the E3s one day while I was at work.


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Re: Exotica 3 not outputting enough bass
« Reply #62 on: 18 Apr 2016, 05:49 pm »

So now, I am happy.  But of course now I have another bass question, which is being forced thanks to having an SS8 to compare to, which I will open another post for later on today.

Thanks much everyone !!!

Glad you're enjoying the bass on the E3s now!  I really did like the bass section on the SS8s, it was my favorite part of that speaker.  For my next 3 way speaker from Salk it will be a tough choice between adding a dome to the new 3 way design, or adding a soft midwoofer and dome tweeter on top of the SS8 bass section.  Those passive radiators really do a great job.


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Re: Exotica 3 not outputting enough bass
« Reply #63 on: 18 Apr 2016, 08:22 pm »
Those passive radiators really do a great job.

They sure do!!!  However, the only way I was able to realize this was by replacing the crossover in that section.  Should move this discussion over to a different post.

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Re: Exotica 3 not outputting enough bass
« Reply #64 on: 23 Apr 2016, 09:13 pm »
I think the likely scenario is that the reviewer who stated he changed the settings, didn't communicate that to Jim, and Jim didn't have time to verify the settings before sending the speakers to the OP.
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Re: Exotica 3 not outputting enough bass
« Reply #65 on: 24 Apr 2016, 03:15 am »

I've read this whole thread from the beginning and just wondering if you can clarify the following from one of your posts for me?

Since I have been enjoying the sound, I had no reason to make any changes.  Until I replaced the crossovers in my SS8, and noticed tremendous differences between the two speakers in the bass department./quote]

The way I read this statement is that you didn't notice a shy bass until you replaced the crossovers in your SS8.  So is there also a problem with the factory crossover in the SS8.  Sorry I'm a bit confused by this information in your post.

Cheers Rod