Klipsch Chorus - Rebuild help, Cabinet tuning for the 15" driver?

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Have you measured the loudspeaker outside (i.e. without room boundaries)and then in room with a calibrated mic and REW for starters? They might be tuned high as your post suggests, but you won't know until you measure and the room below 300 Hz can have as much of an effect on the response.

You can post this in the Lab/Enclosure section  :thumb: Personally I would be happy with sealing the ports, and adding multiple subs along with measurements for the best in room response period.



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Thank you I moved the topic.


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If you can find detailed specs on the bass driver, you can use one of the speaker box modelers to get an idea how changes would affect the output. I've used winISD. It worked well for me.
UniBox is another option.


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# 1 rule Klipsch technical has had for 50 years or something... NEVER RELEASE DRIVER SPECS! seems impossible, but I am sure somebody might have measured them, and found out reverse engineering at some point.