Ridge Street Audio Designs at Hiderfest '04

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Robert C. Schult

Ridge Street Audio Designs at Hiderfest '04
« on: 7 Oct 2004, 06:06 pm »
Hi All.

Just a quick note to let you know we'll be out of the office Thursday, Oct. 7 through Saturday, Oct. 9 to participate at Hiderfest '04.

Ought to be a great time. Along with the amp demenonstrations, the Ridge Street Audio Designs Sason Ltd loudspeaker will make it's debut and be used for auditioning the amplification along with Eric's Epiphany 20-21 's.

At least the Sason Ltd will be partnered to the amplification with a signature version of the Poiema!! loudspeaker cables.  Other RSAD cabling we hope will see some duty will be the MSE Gen.II and Poiema!! AC Power Cords that are now available.

I'll report back when we return.