Updated Website,,,,,, finally

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Updated Website,,,,,, finally
« on: 23 Sep 2004, 04:46 am »
:D Robert, I want to congratulate you for the marvelous job you did on your website.  :beer:   I thoroughly enjoyed going from page to page with that trick fade job. Finally a website that reflects the quality of your cables. You be the MAN Robert. :notworthy: From a proud customer, Robin Bombard

Robert C. Schult

Updated Website,,,,,, finally
« Reply #1 on: 23 Sep 2004, 12:22 pm »
Pretty cool huh? Still working on sound effects to go along with the transitions. I had one site that offered bodily function sound effects but it just wasn't right.

Actually, I have quite a bit of the new  copy written. Still need new images (ya think!?). The site will be much more informative without getting too technical. I think it will all be very good...We'll see once your eyes have caught it since you're the one bitchin' all the time!  :lol:


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Updated Website,,,,,, finally
« Reply #2 on: 7 Oct 2004, 03:51 pm »
the site is nice although your navigation could be done a little better by putting in frames so the navigation is always on the page and just the content scrolls. Also there are a few dead links.

personally I find transitions and webpage music annoying so I'd reconsider them.

(I'm a programmer of websites so I might be a little nit-picky)