ONE.3 setup tips

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Re: ONE.3 setup tips
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Hello again,
You should try to have your main speakers do 80 hertz and up. If they are not to small they can do it. Have the subwoofer in the same area as your main speakers seems to be nice too. I mean not in the opposite corner.
If you do it right you wont be able to locate your subwoofer. You dont want the boomy sound that you hear in most shops.
I like my SVS so much that i wanna add a second one. I did order Dayton wireless set so i can connect my virtue without interconnect to the subwoofer.
So need two wireless sets because every subwoofer needs a receiver. Because the sensation amp will just need one transmitter to '' drive'' the 2 receivers i can put the other transmitter in my big set so i can use the same subwoofers there too.
Yesterday i did watch '' saving private Ryan '' again. Triple wow. Last time i did watch id my virtue didn't have the battery power supply. The batteries give the amp an extra set of lungs and my other supply was already a big one.
In my big set i might go for a lower cross over because my subwoofer will be in the best spot for my '' cinema set '' My big set will give the impression that it gives deep bass but that is because when listening you see big speakers but in fact it is more bas which has lots of dynamics. Minus 3 db is at 60 hertz so i need advice of the experts to know if i can cut it off lower instead of 80hertz and what value of cap to use then.
Using 100 nf instead of the big cap can make you go for a higher quality one. I am using a polystyrene 63 volts cap that i did buy in a surplus store a decade ago for 50 dollarcents or even less. Have russian 200 and 600 volts teflon and russian paper in oil( k40y-9) too. Can send Seth a pair of polystyrene and 200 volts teflon so you can give it a try. The polystyrene will surely fit the teflon one you have to know the dimensions of the present cap. The polystyrene sounds really like to me. BUT you have to find one that will kind of blend in your amp and in your system. Once you decide to buy the amp ( please get the battery too) i can send the caps free of charge to Seth.
Sincere greetings, edward


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Re: ONE.3 setup tips
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Thank you Edward!  You are a die-hard!

Low frequencies can be hard to wrangle.  Doable though!


Re: ONE.3 setup tips
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So SDC where should i send the caps i will have to send some WE310a tubes to France this week. Just a gift for an old audio friend. I will probably never use them.
sincere greetings, edward