Finishing H frames

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Finishing H frames
« on: Yesterday at 11:44 pm »
Hi all, after selling my super v cabinets and tops, I'm getting H frames going. Plan to hopefully match them with wedgies in the next few months.

Anyway, I've read up a lot on this forum about epoxy for cabinets and hiding seams, etc. Never used it. Looks like I have a couple assumptions and I was hoping you could steer me right in case I'm wrong!

1. Applying the epoxy is fine on vertical as well as horizontal surfaces.

2. Rolling on with a foam roller is common, but what about the inside corners? Is a bristle or foam brush okay?

3. 127 resin and 350 non blush hardener works.

Things I don't know:
Do I need to use thinner and what do I use?

Is 1 and 1/2 quarts from Raka as a kit enough to do subs, stands for something like wedgies, and wedgies themselves?

I used bondo on my last project and had okay results but it was lots and lots of work.
Thanks for any advice everyone.
Have a good night.