Industry Participant


An Industry Participant is an industry member who has not (yet) joined AudioCircle as an Industry Contributor.


If you are an industry member, you are required to join the Industry Participants group. You can do so by introducing yourself in the Industry Introductions section.

You will then be added to the Industry Participant group by an Admin.

Posting Rules for Industry Participants

You are limited in the areas of the site in which you can participate.

For those areas that you have access to, you are welcome to participate in topics that are unrelated to your products. Please note that the Posting Guidelines always apply.

With regard to your own products, you are not permitted to discuss product availability, pricing, future product features, or anything related to your business activities.

If you are new to the site, or have newly started an audio business, you are expected to introduce yourself and your product in the Industry Introductions section. You are permitted up to six months of activity in Industry Introductions, after which you will need to become an Industry Contributor to continue to use this site for commercial activities.

You are not permitted to use PMs ("Personal Messages") to send unsolicited advertising or commercially-related offers.

You are expected to exhibit Professional Conduct at all times.


Because you are not allowed to advertise anywhere on the site, and because your avatar appears anywhere that you post, you cannot have an avatar that looks like an advertisement, or is or incorporates your company logo. Any such avatar may be removed.