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This is the registration agreement. This agreement is updated from time to time, and we assume that members who continue to use the site do so in agreement with the below.

Welcome to our website and thank you for your interest in registering. We try hard to make this a friendly and helpful experience for genuine audiophiles and music lovers. So we have this registration agreement for you to sign.

Please note: Your account will for a short time be in an "introductory phase." During this time:

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  • You will not have access to the Trading Post (classified ads).

This is to protect the site from spam and other forms of abuse, so don't take it personally. As a genuine user of the site, please simply post normally about audio topics and soon enough your account will be updated to give you full access. Thanks ;)

Registration Agreement

By creating an account on this website, you agree that:

  1. You do not already have an account on this website. Furthermore, you agree that the creation and/or use of multiple user accounts is considered potentially misleading and deceptive and that some or all accounts of any person detected to own multiple accounts may be deleted or disabled.

  2. You will not post unsolicited advertising using the facilities of this website, nor will you use its messaging system to send unsolicited advertising to site members. A post, message, or image is considered unsolicited advertising if it is posted in an area not specifically designated for advertising, if it is for a product or service that is unrelated to the discussion topic areas of this website, or if it is not specifically requested by the member receiving or viewing it.

  3. You will not use this website to threaten, abuse, harass, libel, defame, or otherwise cause or threaten to cause harm to any person or organization.

  4. You will not use this website to post, transmit, or convey material that is vulgar, obscene, racist, or otherwise offensive.

  5. The posts, messages and images on this website are placed there by individual members and not necessarily by the owner, operators, staff or volunteers that manage this website. All such content is therefore solely the responsibility of the specific individual posting it.

  6. Various measures, policies and procedures are used on this website as part of normal operations, and your access to website functions may be removed or restricted at any time at the sole discretion of the site owner, operators, staff or volunteers.

  7. This website requires for its operation that cookies and IP addresses, along with information provided by you during registration, be stored and recorded in the database. Furthermore, you agree that this information may if deemed necessary be supplied to electronic anti-spam services and databases.

  8. In order to preserve the sense of community on the site and the continuity of discussions in the archives, your account will not be deleted once created.