Unsolicited email from AudioCircle?

AudioCircle does not send unsolicited email.

Notifications from server

By default, your account will be set up to send you email notifications when certain things happen:

  • When you receive a Personal Message
  • When a new post is made to a topic that you have posted in.

You can change your notification settings by going to your profile page, then to Notifications or Personal Messaging.

Please ensure that your registered email address is able to receive messsages from audiocircle.com. If it is not, you may lose access to your account.

If you receive an unexpected email claiming to be from AudioCircle

It has come to our attention that messages are being sent that claim to be from audiocircle.com but which are being sent from a non-approved server (i.e. not one of ours). Most of these seem to originate in Russia. We don't know exactly what's in the messages, but since they are not being sent from AudioCircle, they are undoubtedly fraudulent.

If you receive any message claiming to be from audiocircle.com, please check it carefully.

  • If the message expects you to click on a link, double-check that the site you land on is actually audiocircle.com before you enter any information.

  • If the message expects you to reply to it, and you haven't received prior notification from an Admin by PM that you will be receiving an email, it is a fake.

NOTE: all legitimate email from audiocircle.com has what is called SPF and DKIM headers. These should be used by ISPs to block or filter any messages originating from a non-approved server. So if you do receive a message that is fake or fraudulent, contact your ISP and ask them to improve their spam filtering.