Industry Participant

An Industry Participant is an industry member who has not (yet) joined AudioCircle as an Industry Contributor.


If you are an industry member, you are required to start a thread in Industry Introductions that introduces yourself and your products.

You will then be added to the Industry Participant group by an Admin.

Posting Rules for Industry Participants

You are limited in the areas of the site in which you can participate.

If you are new to the site, or have newly started an audio business, you are expected to introduce yourself and your product(s) in the Industry Introductions section. You can freely discuss your products in this one thread with other members. You are not allowed to artificially "bump" the thread to keep it on the home page. You are expected to use this thread for (or at least encourage) discussion and not merely as free advertising. Any posts that any Admin feels does not meet these criteria will be deleted without notice.

You are not allowed to promote or market products that do not exist yet. So, no preorders or group buys. Any product that you promote and offer for sale must be in stock and ready to ship. The sole exception is a legitimate and active (already running) Kickstarter campaign. Indiegogo campaigns are not allowed.

You are not allowed to use the Trading Post to sell any items as part of or related to your business. You can post these in your free introductory thread only provided that it forms only a small part of the discussion there (in other words, introductory threads that are mostly ads will be locked).

You are permitted to use your introductory thread to organize a tour of one of your products. You and you alone are responsible for organizing the tour and the loss of any equipment that you send on tour. You are not allowed to start more threads for the tour - use your one introductory thread only.

For other areas that you have access to, you are welcome to participate in topics that are unrelated to your products. Please note that the Posting Guidelines always apply.

With regard to your own products, you are not permitted to discuss product availability, pricing, future product features, or anything related to your business or that could be construed as promotion or advertising anywhere but in your introductory thread. You are not allowed to do market research anywhere on the site except in your introductory thread.

You are not permitted to use PMs ("Personal Messages") to send unsolicited advertising or commercially-related offers.

You are expected to exhibit Professional Conduct at all times.

Repeated instances where any of the above are not followed will lead to your threads, posts or account being locked or deleted.


Because you are not allowed to advertise anywhere on the site, and because your avatar appears anywhere that you post, you cannot have an avatar that looks like an advertisement, or is or incorporates your company logo. Any such avatar may be removed.