About AudioCircle

AudioCircle is a place for audiophiles to share experiences and knowledge with each other about their hobby in a friendly and helpful atmosphere. The name of the site invokes the well-known phrase "circle of friends." You should treat other people on the site as though they are your friends (even if you disagree with them).

It is assumed that everyone who joins this site is an intelligent adult. You are responsible for any responses or actions caused by any text or images that you place on this site. We therefore expect you to behave accordingly. Write as though the people you are addressing were standing in front of you. It's OK to disagree with what others say, but keep it at the level that you would if you were conversing face-to-face. We encourage you to have fun and learn and share, and "don't sweat the small stuff." Remember that it's just a hobby!

Please note that we have a no dirty laundry policy here. That means that you cannot use this site to launch attacks against or to further disputes you have with other people or businesses. If you have a disagreement with someone else on a thread on this site, that is normal, just keep it reasonably civil. If you have a disagreement that originated somewhere else, don't bring it here and make it our problem.

These pages provide guidance on how AudioCircle runs, its policies, and the expectations on you, its members. We've learned a lot in ten years of doing this, and these pages capture the key points that need to be written down. Please treat them as guidance and respect their intent. In the event of ambiguity or uncertainty, the relevant Facilitator, Admin, or Site Owner will decide. Please be sure to read at least the Posting Guidelines, and if you are in the audio industry, the page for Industry Members.