Your account is created when you register on the site. You do not have to use your real name, but you do need to provide a real email address to activate the account. You can set a graphical avatar that appears next to your posts, provided that it is not a) offensive or b) readily construed to be advertising.

Your account is your identity on AudioCircle, and should be protected. Ensure that you choose a password that is not easy to guess.


Account creation

Your account is created when you register on the site. The account will have limited functionality until a small number of posts have been approved:

  • The account will not have access to PMs (Personal Messages)
  • You will not be able to use the Search function
  • Posts will not be published until approved by the relevant Facilitator or an Admin
  • Some circles are off-limits (such as the Trading Post)

Posts that are trivial or that complain about not being able to use PMs, search, or access to off-limit circles will not be approved.

Account usage

Each person is allowed to have only one account. Similarly, an account may be used by only one person.

Multiple accounts

Registering multiple accounts is considered to be deceptive. If a person has multiple accounts registered, all but one will be disabled. If the use of multiple accounts is deemed to be deliberately deceptive, then all of that person's accounts may be disabled.

The only exception to this rule is the approved use of separate administrator accounts for those given administrator privileges.

Multiple people using the same account

We do not allow people to share an account. Sometimes a business entity may, for example, wish to have a "business name" account that is accessed by multiple people working for the business. We do not allow this, as we believe that people have a right to know who they are communicating with.

Restricted accounts

If necessary, Admin may restrict an account. This is done by placing the Account into the Restricted group. Accounts are restricted in cases where Admin determines this the most effective way to deal with issues being caused by the account user.

Restricted accounts have access to only a subset of circles. Also, posts will not appear until approved by the relevant Facilitator or by an Admin. Posts that further the issue that got the account restricted and posts that complain about being restricted will not be approved, and may result in the account being closed.

Restricted accounts do not have access to PMs (Personal Messages). It is strongly advised that facilitators do not conduct site business with restricted members via other means such as email or phone.

The term of account restriction is indefinite but may be reviewed after 90 days, whereupon the restriction may be lifted if the member has shown responsible posting behaviour.

Note: The latter (responsible posting behaviour) is the only criterion that will be used to decide on removing an account restriction, and that any efforts to circumvent this standard procedure may result in the account being closed permanently. If no effort is made to show responsible posting behaviour, the account will eventually be closed.

Account deletion

As a general rule, we do not delete member accounts on request, because more often than not, a request to have an account deleted is simply a knee-jerk reaction to something that has upset the requestor. Usually, the person returns to normal posting after some time has elapsed.

Furthermore, AudioCircle is a community and it shows great disrespect to the members with whom you have interacted and needlessly disrupts the records of the conversations that have taken place.

If you are a citizen or resident of the European Union and wish to have your personal data deleted, see the Privacy Policy.