Kaplan Cable at RMAF 11

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Kaplan Cable at RMAF 11
« on: 10 Oct 2011, 12:41 pm »
Please visit us in the following rooms -

Room 407
Hansen Speakers, Redpoint Audio turntable, Wavestream Kinetics amp and preamp, and Lindemann CD player

Mezzanine Level ~ Longs Peak
Vivid Speakers, all Luxman electronics

Marriott Tower - Level 11 ~ 1122
Behold's new speaker, Behold Gentle Amplifier and The Memory Player

The Hansen/Redpoint etc... room will have a complete loom of my analog cables, power, speaker and interconnect, as well as my Alchemist power conditioner powering the whole shebang.

The Vivid/Luxman room will also have a complete loom of my analog cables, as well as my updated HE MkII conditioned power cords on their computer audio based second system.

The Behold room is all digital and will use my power cords as well as my beta digital interconnects.

I realize folks don't go to shows to 'hear' cables, but I'm quite proud to be included in such auspicious company.

Cables used in these systems will be available at special demo pricing.

Please stop by,