RMAF wants YOU!!!

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RMAF wants YOU!!!
« on: 4 Oct 2011, 03:56 am »
Here it is. October already and we are a few days away from RMAF. Last year we had great success with member coverage of the show. We are going to do it again.

A few rules, If you are covering the show you MUST put your coverage write up and pictures in the official stickied topics. In other words please do not start your own topics for show coverage. I find it is way more beneficial and logical for people to have one place to go for all the awesomeness.

If you are planning on contributing to this glorious cause please send me a PM just so I can get an idea of how much coverage we will have.


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Re: RMAF wants YOU!!!
« Reply #1 on: 4 Oct 2011, 04:11 am »
Way cool of ya', Pez. I look forward to enjoying the coverage.  :beer: