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Music Vault
« on: 22 Aug 2011, 03:45 pm »
I build the Music Vault Servers which offer a fully engineered PC solution.
For Example The Music Vaults all offer Auto-duplication of any music ripped, copied or downloaded.
This is very important as the question is not will my hard drive fail but when will my hard drive fail.
With a Music Vault your music is preserved and when a hard drive fails it gets replaced and the music gets restored on to it.

I have dedicated USB 3.0 output with no other PC traffic on the 3.0 port which offers the best most pristine bits (noise free) to a USB DAC.

The Music Vaults come configured to keep windows from altering the bits of your Music.

There are 4 major categories of Music Vault.  The Pearl is an entry level Server for USB or networked DACs and starts at $1600
The Emerald has SPDIF optical and Coax along with USB and networked outputs as well as a very high quality analog to digital converter for ripping SACDs or LPs from their line  level outputs.

The Diamond offers state of the art AES/EBU Digital output that is unsurpassed at this time.
The internal clock will better the Big Ben from Apogee and the Diamond has a Clock input available for those at the very top level of performance with an outboard Clock to use with the server and the DAC.

And then there is the Whisper with all Solid State Drives for playback with out any moving parts.

I also have a 22" wireless Touch Screen available as an option for any of them, I am very excited about this option as it is the same price as an iPad but doesn't require internet access to work.

All the Music Vaults are 17" wide approximately 5 inches tall and 12 inches deep.

The Music Vaults were the first servers to automatically switch to the native sample rate of the music stored on it.

The Music Vaults are the very finest sound available from a Digital Source, there may be other sources that are as good but none that are better sounding.

I can log onto any of the Music Vaults which are connected to the internet and help my customers learn to use it or resolve problems that may occur.

I would be happy to discuss which Music Vault is right for you.

Neal Van Berg

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