Turbo Clocked Overdrive

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Turbo Clocked Overdrive
« on: 6 Aug 2011, 05:43 pm »
I have been using Steve's products for less than a year now, not one single purchase has been disappointing.  Being in this industry gives me access to many products at a substantial discount. I gotta say that I would not give up the Empirical sound for a discounted product. It is that good!
My first purchase was a Pace Car 2 USB, used that with a PS Audio Perfectwave Dac.  I was hooked right from the get go. My system never sounded so good.
Once the Offramp 4 came out I decided that the Pace Car really was not being used to it's fullest potential and decided to trade it in towards the Offramp 4.
I was only using the USB input on the Pace Car. In addition to the Offramp 4, I had Steve build me a Overdrive Dac.  The Offramp has dual Ultra Clocks and a Hynes Regulator on the USB module, I went for the gusto with the Overdrive, full tilt on the Hynes regulators and two Monolith Battery's, one for the Offramp and the other for the Overdrive.
This combination blew away a $22k Krell KPS-25sc as far as the front end is concerned. You name it, it is there, huge soundstage, depth, musicality, imaging. It is stunning!  Fast forward......decided to take the less is more approach when the Turbo Clocks arrived on the scene.
On Steve's recommendation I decided to do the Turbo Clock upgrade to my Overdrive. I asked him if it was really an upgrade considering my Offramp had two Ultra Clocks, initially he said it was different, that soon changed to better in his opinion. I received my Overdrive on Wednesday of this week....
The first thing I did was reconnect everything as it was before the change.
Offramp to the Overdrive via the I2s, only one Monolith, sold the other one, on the Offramp. Listened to Larry Carlton's "Alone But Never Alone", I really missed these components. It sounded very very good.
Then I switched the Monolith over to the Overdrive and connected the USB as well, I was blown away! The biggest thing was that it was way more Musical than the Ultra Clocks were, and still maintained all the other qualities as well. Also noticing that the Bass Response is much tighter and more controlled.
If you have an Overdrive I would highly recommend the upgrade to the Turbo Clocks, if you have an Offramp I would go that route as well, it is just so much better. I can't stop tapping my foot.... :D
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