Offramp 4 Has Arrived

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Offramp 4 Has Arrived
« on: 6 Aug 2011, 11:28 am »
Hi Guys

My Offramp 4 with turboclocks has arrived and hooked it up to a WFS DAC which is to my ears the worse DAC I own - holey crap - its now above any other Saber based dac I have heard - even the John Kenny Saber I recently got and have been mucking around with. I do not have any other DAC's with an input other than USB so can't comment on its effects on other DAC's right now. I will be taking it to an acquaintance who has an I2S PDX on Monday (a cable has been made to connect the two as it uses 4 bnc connectors) and can comment further then. But things look very promising.  For those that don't know the PDX is very similar to Steve's Spoiler except it uses some rather exotic and expensive stuff like Duelund VSF Copper capacitors.

The difference is the increased detail and better more controlled bass in the WFS with the Overdrive.  It seems to have reduced the sibilance and cold top end of the WFS - the slight upper mid-range lower treble glare may have been reduced as well - but not to the same degree.  Now I would definitely say its better than the John Kenny Saber - but bear in mind its cost.

Anyway more info later when I have had a chance to connect it to more DAC's.


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Re: Offramp 4 Has Arrived
« Reply #1 on: 7 Aug 2011, 05:25 am »
I have to chuckle at these Empirical Audio testimonies that in so many words say "Wow, it's a lot better now!!"  I have little doubt they're honest and reliable stories.  I've been there.  If my Off Ramp 3 (with many thousands of hours on it) gets around to dying I'm dropping an order for an Off Ramp 4 w/Dual Turboclock as soon as possible.  If I hit the lotto, with no doubt or hesitation I'd build a top end system around Steve's best maxed-out components.  At any rate I imagine my computer audio system will always use a piece of Empirical Audio gear to deal with the jitter and make everything behind it meet its best potential.