Older B3 needs help

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Older B3 needs help
« on: 9 Apr 2004, 09:22 pm »
I have an older B3 # 34145, I think it is around 21-22 years old (just past the 20 years). Bryston wants around $275-335 to "make it new" and I have to buy the box to ship it. I do not have the funds at this point and it is just sitting here. One channel is distorted, the other seems ok.
Two options, does anyone know you could fix it a little cheaper or does any one want to buy it?

cliffe fraser

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old 3b
« Reply #1 on: 14 Apr 2004, 09:07 pm »
Hi Doug how do you know Brystonwill change you sometimes they will just fix the amp,you do need the box,and you will have to pay shipping one way.I would fix it if i were you it`s still a good amp,even if it did cost afew bucks in the end.I did the same thing with an old 4b afew weeks ago and they did it all for free,new power cord and fixed a hum cleaned it etc.