Bryston Date Codes

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Bryston Date Codes
« on: 8 Apr 2004, 03:47 am »
 Just a quick question to those that have time for an answer.. Could anyone tell me the key to the date code?  I just bought a used 4Bst, via eBay, from a gentleman who knew very little about this amp.  He wasn't even aware of the 20 year warranty, so it is safe to say that he did not take advantage of it . Is there a way that I could get a warranty service record?I was thinking of sending the amp in for a check-up, but only if it were really necessary. BTW: While the amp does take about 2-3 minutes to warm up, it sounds great once it reaches "operating temperature."  Any help would be appreciated!    -Steve (badnews)


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Bryston Date Codes
« Reply #1 on: 8 Apr 2004, 06:46 am »
Just check the back of your amp and call Bryston.
There should be a date code/manufacture dat and serial number.